I want to pat this virgin on the back. No seriously, this is awesome. (15 photos)

  • Matrix19

    This rocks – nice one!

  • Angi_Chivette

    i think this chivette is in love!!

  • Swanky

    This is a cool little project and all, but there's this thing called the PSP, and you can emulate games on it. This is useless.

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  • Big Jon

    You still need a power supply

  • Kronic

    Friend pointed out the problem, wheres the power? 12V or 120V but I see nothing showing a power source.

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  • Xarion


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  • Shalsie

    If he made me one of those…I'd see to it that he won't be a virgin for long. ;D

  • tim luftis

    how can i get one of these… no joke ill pay

  • Rick

    See? PROOF that the Virgin is extinct or at least so rare they have their own island lost someplace no man has been. I believe that is why the wind some times moans…all those voices from that poor sad island.

  • slade

    That's interesting cause I did something very very very similar except I use a pocket projector and i can have 4 controllers and its setup in my honda element

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