If looks could kill… (33 photos)

  • Sundevil8181

    #20…that look will work anytime

  • GenuineSky

    #1…. u just saw this picture where are you going to go!? To Disneyland!!!!

  • Azn

    12 my fav
    misa campo*_*

  • weemistermac

    Damn I live in the wrong country! Girls DO NOT walk the streets round here looking like #2!! …or #32, or #30, or #31, or…

  • vinnychase

    wheres all them fine ass bitches?

  • http://6-month-transformation.blogspot.com/ goldengekko1

    #29 miss monroe pure natural beauty and #32 i love girls like her wearing nothinb special but still look absolutely amazing 😀

  • ChuckNormis

    #32 Is the hottest women I have ever seen on The Chive. Thank you

  • whd

    has anyone found #1 and #26

  • BubbaKazoo

    #18 OMFG ess !!!!

  • ILoveChivettes

    I support the recent increase in Marilyn Monroe sightings.

  • Rick Thicknugget



    #2 can ride my bike anytime!!!

  • McLovin

    #7 ooh babt, talk nerdy to me!

  • Victor

    I died.

  • Samsanight

    #15 Olivia Wilde is so DAMN HOT!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/kyle.kirby67?ref=tn_tnmn kyle kirby

    you are gorgeous!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rich.Graff621 Rich Graff

    A fabulous gallery of dropdead gorgeousness

  • Caleb

    I'd be dead..

  • troy

    #18 is the winner. but there all frign amazingly beautiful.
    #30 is smokn too

  • ALEX

    #7 The most beautiful woman I've seen on the chive. I'm in love, if only I could find out who she is.

    • ALEX

      Anyone have a clue who she is?

      • rodigital

        hey bro i know her personally she goes by the name of carolina stephanie. check her out on fb she has a fan page. she's super nice btw! you're welcome 🙂

        • ALEX

          Thanks man

  • ramon

    #26 #31 #33

  • kentlunger@gmail.com

    #3 I had a Grizzlies starter jacket back in the day. Does that mean we get to be bf/gf?

  • Kenton

    This one should be called hottest girls ever because bewbs.

  • jamie

    im in love with #1.. sooo Hawt!! moar plz

  • Brunettes > blondes

    The sexiest thing about this post is that the majority of women are brunettes..

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