• Bee

    Well shit, I can't even do that.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Danielcalugan Daniel Calugan

    It's pretty well known that Dogs have amazing hearing and if trained right could distinguish the different pitches and play them out on a keyboard such as the one they built. So it doesn't really amaze me that he's able to do this as much as the owners took the time to train him to do it.

  • http://twitter.com/MegaSuperiorGol @MegaSuperiorGol

    Really? 6 minutes of that is necessary? Got the point after 40 seconds.

    • charlie b.

      agreed. I was going to say the exact same thing – even 40 seconds. weird.

  • mehere

    go on youtube and search schlauwauwau. there are more of these vids. like the dogs reading notes. its awesome and not fake

  • oliver

    Am I the only one who can tell? The dog is only right about a quarter of the time.

  • Dan

    That doesn't mean he has perfect pitch, it only proves he can associate sounds from the human to a certain key on the key board.

    • http://twitter.com/JONNBOY89 @JONNBOY89

      agreed… now if he barked the notes in the same pitch then the caption would fit

  • NuckinFuts

    Piano Dog/Keyboard Cat 2012

  • koopa

    "bitch i'm tiring of these circus acts, just give me the scooby snack."

  • Blas

    The woman play the tone and then tell something every time, just listen carefully.

  • mrjimmyos

    That dog is smarter than my brother!

    • charlie b.

      that's not saying much.

  • tdr

    Gimme a break … he can only play one-handed!

  • E-1


  • Bob

    There are humans in the music industry that make millions of dollars that cannot do what this dog just did. Well done.

  • deepwellbridge

    I'm a piano teacher. I would love to show this to my kids. The amazing part is that the dog isn't looking at the keys before she plays them (unlike some of my students who put more trust in their eyes seeing the notes then in their feel of them). She has memorized their placement.

    A few things to note (pun intended i guess)… the woman is whispering something in French after every note she plays. Perhaps it is an encouraging word to the dog or the actual name of the note. If she is telling her the name of the note then it isn't really perfect pitch. But still… the fact that this dog has memorized that a C is the first note next to the group of two black notes (and all the other 11 notes besides) is quite the accomplishment. I've never seen a dog look so concentrated.

    • Frenchgirl

      I think it's German, it's not French , i can't figure what she says^^

      • deepwellbridge

        Guess you of all people would know Frenchgirl.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722809282 Oliver Vorian Wang

    There's more to this video. I've seen a 15-minute version where after demonstrating that the dog knows what key on a piano kayboard to play to emulate a note, it goes on to show that the dog knows that the notes have names and can recognise them. For example, the trainer says "Do" (as in dough) without playing a note, and the dog knows to play a C on the keyboard. She then says "Fi" (as in fee) and the dog plays an F-sharp.

    Not only does this dog possibly have perfect pitch, it also has absolute pitch.

    Also note that it's possible to train yourself to have perfect pitch, but it can easily drive you nuts.

  • d1sturbed91

    Im taking your man card now.

  • markymark

    pretty obvious that she is give cues to the dog thru her body direction. she may not even know she's doing it but here head and hands point to the area where the proper key is. the dog could also be picking up more subtle indicators like her eyes or breathing… still impressive.

  • Jammy

    I think my expectations were to high…

    • charlie b.

      that's my life story

  • Dog whisperer

    this shit is fake. you can see that bitch rotating her body in the correct direction of each note she plays. notice the dog's attention is on her, not the piano. waste of my fucking time. some people are such useless trolls with nothing better to do in their lives….

  • joctee

    Yep, it's fake. This is how they tricked us: 1. The dog touches random piano keys. 2. The flute is never played in the original clip, but it is simply added afterwards when the clip was post-producted. Note #1, you never see the flute. Hence, you don't see what tone is played. #2 The dog never looks at the keys.

  • TheBrit

    This dog has completely redefined my life goals…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


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