Soldier makes it home just in time (4 Photos)

Here's the story behind this airman's amazing photos:

This is my best friend, Adam. His child had been in an improper position for birth for weeks and the doctor told them that their child had less than a 5% chance of turning (breeching).

Two weeks before her due date, Adam and Rebecca were informed that the baby had finally turned. To avoid further complications they had to induce labor. One problem, Adam was not scheduled to be home on leave for 2 more weeks.

Unknown to Rebecca, Adam went to his superiors and asked for 24 hours. He got it.

Adam made it home less than two hours before the birth of baby Owen. Chive, I'd love it if you could share this moment with the Chivers. God Bless the USA and the men and women who fight for its freedom. Oh, and Chive On!

  • craig

    Goosebumps. I'm so happy for Adam and Rebecca. Welcome to the world Owen, your parents are amazing!

  • Alex

    Damn allergies are making my eyes water.

  • dawgbone

    Shit, now I have something in my eye…

  • chobobo

    God Bless America, and God Bless those who serve to keep it.

  • @robnailer

    For those who think The Chive is for "pervs" . IN YO FACE !

  • Dvs8r

    Hell Yeah!!!

  • Cdiddy

    Awesome!! Congratulations!! KCCO!!!

  • moeshere foxdale

    Thanks for all that you do to protect us…God bless you and your family…COWBOY UP..

  • Bill Fucking murray

    may have bought a tear to the old eye there

  • Dave

    Of all the posts that include hot and beautiful women and their tushes, the awesome daily randoms, it's these posts and stories that really make me love the chive.

    Cheers mate!

  • Justin

    Absolutely fantastic. I can imagine the emotion in that first shot. So glad he made it back.

  • meh

    The army doesn't fight for your freedom, it fights for money and oil.

  • BobCat

    F N A….KCCO!! God Bless!

  • Milkman

    #4 : Chive On Little Family, JMJ and Bethelehem got nuthin on you!

    The Milkman

  • Sylvain R.

    Who the hell is chopping oignons again!!!!

    oh well Grats!!!!

  • Jason Ordeneaux

    Being a military man and missing so much of my child's growth I know exactly how much this meant to him, outstanding post Chive you have outdone yourself once again.

  • mrjimmyos

    This made me smile, congratulations 😀 Heheh by coincidence a dude I know had a new baby today!

  • Inifekt

    <- In the Air Force. We are not Soldiers. Soldiers are in the Army. Marines are… duh. Sailors are in the Navy. And Airman are in the Air Force. It's a pet peeve when you're actually in the military. But, for the sake of the article it's okay.

    Glad he got to see his kid being born though! Props to his supervision for letting him do this.

  • Rob

    THAT is a man. KCCO and props to his superiors for approving his leave.

  • Chris

    Amazing story and god bless our troops KCCO from a loyal nj chiver

  • its_BACON

    Congrats! God bless you and your new family!

  • aBg_rOnGak

    Congrats to the family…salute to Adam's superiors

  • DirtyD

    That's a awesome and also very ironic, I was on a tour in Kuwait and got my girlfriend pregnant before I left. Dates got jumbled around and the baby was due the 6th of April. I did what i could to get home as soon as possible. She stayed home and kept her feet up relaxing and the baby managed to wait. She started having contractions while I was still in Mississippi but her water hadn't broke. I finally flew home to Minnesota and 3 hours later her water broke and later that day we had our baby boy, on the 12th. Congrats!

  • RogueLobo

    Congrats on the new baby. Thank you for your service!

  • Mark Bettridge

    God bless from Australia Rebeccah and Adam It is the best thing in the world being a parent I wish yoi well and years of joy. Thanks for sharing

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