The Chivers help send Gregory Schneider to space (17 Photos, 1 Vid)

Not long ago, I received an email from a 27 year-old father of two, Gregory Schneider. Gregory told me he was shopping for a telescope online when he happened upon a video promoting the Seattle Space Needle's Space Race competition. The Grand Prize: A rocket ride to space.

Gregory, obsessed with space since he was a child, entered the race, and he wanted to win. Gregory had imparted his love for the heavens to his two children Emi (7) and Jude (3). He wanted to inspire them to always reach for their dreams. But at the time, Gregory was just one of 50,000 applicants hoping to take a ride in the hot seat. But then I got that email.

I ran a post on Gregory 12 days before the voting phase ended. At the time, Gregory had already vaulted to the 5th position on his own but the outcome was still in doubt, that is, until the Chivers launched Gregory to the #1 spot in 45 minutes flat.

  • Cool Runnings

    God speed, Gregory!! And, Chive. This is just another reason I am proud to call myself a Chiver.

  • Loki_dog

    #8 hottie

  • ChivetteLover

    Wait…ummm…can we get a big "FIND HER" on his hot competition?

  • shouldbeworking

    i was just thinking it was a good thing the chick didn't petition the chive to help her first, or also. that would have created a divide in the voting, for sure.

  • Acesevens

    Why do I keep hearing Aerosmith on the Armageddon soundtrack?

  • Chiver

    Can we get a Chive shirt with the mission patch? Sounds like a sick fundraiser for a space camp to me!

  • thatguy

    Still trying to figure out what PALOLO is unscrambled….

    • MarthaJeane

      Dude…. It's Apollo, c'mon!

  • Auston Lauber

    Awesome! Just awesome!

  • SpacemanSpiff

    KCCO you intergalactic bastard! #14

  • tank

    TOOO INFINITY AND BEYOND !!!! you sir are a lucky man !!!

  • J-Walk

    God speed and KCCO! Can't wait until you go! And thanks to the Chive staff for letting this awesome community help and feel like we were a part of the team. We he goes I'm going to fight gravity as well by pounding a ton of beer and watching the launch.

    "Houston we have a Chiver!"

  • BruceWayne

    Great job…
    I want to be abducted by ET!
    I want to go to space…

  • Hello Downvotes

    What about the other finalists who worked hard, both on the contest and to raise their own support without having to rely on a website?

    Using the Chivers to win these contests always felt wrong to me. It belittles the hard work that the other contestants put forth.

    • moogle

      I have to agree, it just seems like cheating.

  • Joshua

    Simply amazing. Way to go Gregory. I know for a fact your kids are more than proud of you.
    I know the whole Chive community is happy and proud of you and proud to have a chiver
    like you among us. Congrats.

    • keep portland weird

      The Chive just helped Gregory get to the competition phase, and it's likely that he would have gotten there even without the Chive's help. They didn't help him at all in the competition phase itself. He crushed it on his own. But, I do generally agree with your point.

  • mcpain87

    this story was so cool…nice work Chivers and Chivettes

  • Bamer36

    The chivers can do anything. Way to rep the KCCO shirt. Can't wait to see you live your dream.

  • KyleGamgee

    Godspeed to all those who want to make this not true:

  • grandfred

    aliens want their kcco tshirt , bring some and send them in space ^^

  • Yotapdat


  • Ricky Ross

    #8 MOAR please – And Good Luck Gregory. You deserve this trip

  • ParasiticDrag

  • Adam

    #14 ……That's the face of the man who's dream just came true. Congrats fellow Chivers!

  • sitithepirate

    Congratulations! and well done Chive.. also #8 is fine. MOAR please

  • Chad

    I'm so glad Gregory won. He seems like an awesome dude that has his priorities right. Doing what you're passionate about and raising a great family. Congrats and keep us posted!

  • jbee

    WOW !!!! Good Luck & Enjoy it …Bring us back some great pics !!!

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