The Chivers help send Gregory Schneider to space (17 Photos, 1 Vid)

Not long ago, I received an email from a 27 year-old father of two, Gregory Schneider. Gregory told me he was shopping for a telescope online when he happened upon a video promoting the Seattle Space Needle's Space Race competition. The Grand Prize: A rocket ride to space.

Gregory, obsessed with space since he was a child, entered the race, and he wanted to win. Gregory had imparted his love for the heavens to his two children Emi (7) and Jude (3). He wanted to inspire them to always reach for their dreams. But at the time, Gregory was just one of 50,000 applicants hoping to take a ride in the hot seat. But then I got that email.

I ran a post on Gregory 12 days before the voting phase ended. At the time, Gregory had already vaulted to the 5th position on his own but the outcome was still in doubt, that is, until the Chivers launched Gregory to the #1 spot in 45 minutes flat.

  • Timin Phoenix

    This is has been a CHIVE special report. We now return you to the Boobs and Butts.

  • jeff donuts

    thong thursdays?

  • Jenilee

    This story, along with others about kindness and awesomely hilarious people with good hearts, is what made me a Chivette for life! I love this website and best of luck in space (the last and most vast arena to be explored by man)!!!

  • mattythegooch

    #6 – is the orange beverage of choice for space travel still TANG??

  • TigerLily2012

    Chiiive in sppaaaccceee!! Congratulations!!

  • TimmY


  • SaltLakeChiver

    I say that we put a KCCO shirt in space to float on forever.

  • us3rn4me

    It just keeps getting better and better – amazing stuff. Thank you

  • Catzb

    Again this is so touching…well done Chivers

  • cash4golda

    This was the chiver we were looking for…

  • cash4golda

    to boldly go where no chiver has gone before…

  • Alessandro Cocchetto

    Yay!! This community is just awesome…best of luck from Italy!

  • Kyle

    The reason i Chive…

  • MonkeyMadness

    Boldly go dude!

  • Otter

    He's gonna win best Chive Everywhere photo as well.

  • dangermavis

    Can somebody please unscramble Palolo for me or is it an unscrambled Hawaiian word?

    • dangermavis

      Right, never mind: Apollo. Ma' bad. Think before you post and Chive On.

  • Joe Hotle

    This is why the chive is so awesome! Glad we could help

  • guest

    Just love this…way to go Greg and the Chivers!

  • PKDubs

    Rah Chive.

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