It’s hard to hate animals like these (40 Photos)

  • BeccaLaine

    Can we see a better picture of #19. I want to see the heros face 🙂

  • cait

    #19 update on the dogs wounds? thats a loyal dog right there!

  • Aviatrix

    #23 Reminds me of my friends and me the morning after a long night of drinking.

  • Robtoad

    #10 Go to spring break they said loosen up a bit next thing you know #1 downin brews with the girls then the donkey show really took off

  • goldengekko1

    #34 AWESOME lol and #40 i know i would ! 😀

  • nina

    #19 i started crying …thanks?

  • Raber

    #38 reminds me of one of my boxer's man it hard being away from them

  • derv89

    I hope that the robbers face looks worse than the dog.

    #19 what an awesome dog!!!

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