Newly Single Chivettes (30 Photos)

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Newly Single Chivettes, submit your photos and your story right here.

  • Jshrope

    I'm so in love #26

  • ryan

    i wana know where number 12 is stationed🙂

  • Ryan Wolf

    # 12 needs to hit me up

  • wilsonfromutah

    #2 and #12 – oh my hell, sorry to see you wasted any time at all with complete idiots! You are both beautiful and obviously smart given the brains it takes for military service, love love love, find me!

  • joe

    #9 im just curious what all is in this application you speak of =P

  • Curtiss

    For all you Single Chivettes life goes on, you will find somebody that is worthy for you… Good luck and KCCO🙂


    Jes think guys… No matter how hot they appear, some guy probably got tired of their shit….

    They're newly single for a reason!

    Jes sayin'!


  • AmericoPolk

    #26 fantastic underboob/smile

  • MrW4TZ

    You will always have my support

  • Bobyran

    The Great Sage Tommy Lee, (during a random encounter at a night club), in response to why he would leave a woman like Pamela Anderson:

    "Bro, for every woman who is beautiful and amazing to look at and awesome, there is some guy who is F'ing sick of looking at her face…"

    Nice Tommy.. really nice…

  • theCaliguy

    Guys are fuckin dumb.

  • Trev Boods

    I wonder of many of this girls are complete nutbags? "Why do I keep attracting d-bags…"? Seriously, QUIT picking d-bags!

  • tyron039

    so many single lovely ladies😀 KCCO

  • asdfasdf

    hahahah dude called me retarded, and said ' your retarded"

    what an idiot!!!!!

  • asdfasdf

    he probably spells more as moar brother!

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