Newly Single Chivettes (30 Photos)

Newly Single Chivettes, submit your photos and your story right here.

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  • joe

    #9 im just curious what all is in this application you speak of =P

  • Curtiss

    For all you Single Chivettes life goes on, you will find somebody that is worthy for you… Good luck and KCCO 🙂


    Jes think guys… No matter how hot they appear, some guy probably got tired of their shit….

    They're newly single for a reason!

    Jes sayin'!


  • AmericoPolk

    #26 fantastic underboob/smile

  • MrW4TZ

    You will always have my support

  • Bobyran

    The Great Sage Tommy Lee, (during a random encounter at a night club), in response to why he would leave a woman like Pamela Anderson:

    "Bro, for every woman who is beautiful and amazing to look at and awesome, there is some guy who is F'ing sick of looking at her face…"

    Nice Tommy.. really nice…

  • theCaliguy

    Guys are fuckin dumb.

  • Trev Boods

    I wonder of many of this girls are complete nutbags? "Why do I keep attracting d-bags…"? Seriously, QUIT picking d-bags!

  • tyron039

    so many single lovely ladies 😀 KCCO

  • asdfasdf

    hahahah dude called me retarded, and said ' your retarded"

    what an idiot!!!!!

  • asdfasdf

    he probably spells more as moar brother!

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