The biggest swimming pool in the world is, well, quite large (21 Photos)

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  • rorey

    its salt water!! that ruins it

  • Victor


  • PartyMarty

    What a fucking horrendous waste.

    Fresh water is becoming ever scarcer as population explodes and glaciers dissolve into salt ocean. Golf courses and swimming pools have gotta be just about the dumbest fucking way we're hastening our own extinction.

    It may not happen while we're alive, but wars will be fought over water and water rights. People dying of thirst will become more and more common as those resources become consolidated. That's how the world's gonna end, people.

    This makes me sick.

  • The Native


    • Marco polo


  • Paul Kepler

    It's not that the ocean is too cold but the population of nasty man eating critters that reside just off shore in that area. You can't get repeat business if the guests keep getting eaten.

  • figaro

    pussies……scare of the ocean

  • Miagi-son

    Who's up for some laps?

  • Big Ben

    What happens when someone takes a shit in the pool?

  • Jack

    I'd be more interested in the worlds largest swim up bar, I'd be sobered up by the time I got to the other end if that pool.

  • Xarion

    What do you suppose something like that would cost?

  • Dc29

    Now swim laps

  • Nicholas

    now, do a lap around the pool

  • Anonymous


  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    That swimming pool would look way nicer if it would be on the opposite side of the ocean,p.s.still looks great viewing milesscape

  • marcuzpresley18

    Building pool fences tampa bay for me is not needed anymore with that kind of long swimming pool.

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