theCHIVE wants to spend Memorial Day with our sailors, we need your input!

chive sd theCHIVE wants to spend Memorial Day with our sailors, we need your input!

Here at theCHIVE, we always support our troops at home and abroad, and it’s about damn time we raise a glass with our Navy/Marine/Air Force/Coast Guard/Army Chivers.

theCHIVERS/theBRIGADERS want to take a road trip down to the San Diego area and party ’till the rotors fall off for Memorial Day but there’s one problem – we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing. We don’t even have a location or a date for this shitshow but not to worry, we specialize in controlled chaos.

Here’s what we need from our Naval Base/Miramar/Camp Pendleton/Fort Irwin Chivers:

We don’t know if any of y’all will be in town for Memorial Day. Does that Monday, May 28th work?
If not, would a weekday meetup be better? What day?
We’re available to travel starting Wednesday 23rd – Memorial Day except for Sat. the 26th.
Does next week even work at all?

Next, do y’all have a favorite watering hole?

This event will not be limited to the troops but it is for the troops. We will be handing out free Military KCCO’s to the first 130 troops through the door with military ID’s.

We want to hear from as many of you as possible to gauge what day and location you prefer. Majority rules.

Email your suggestions to wherethehellshouldwego [at] gmail [dot] com

Get moving, we want to announce the location this Friday!



  • awesome

    There goes the neighborhood

  • Chicago Chiver

    I'll give it to these guys, they know how to throw a party

  • pandora

    oh boy… here we go

  • Shawn

    Man why do I have to be stationed on the east coast

  • DickFister

    I remember when I enlisted in the Navy and took the oath. Last thing we were told was "Gentlemen, welcome to the world's largest drinking club." Wish I was there to tip a mug with the chivers. Bottoms up, bitches!

  • MarthaJeane

    Please come to Boston? I'll bring Chivettes!

  • Louis

    I really wish I wasn't deployed overseas right now! Have a blast guys! And have one for me!!

  • ween

    Go to Old Town, its awesome

    • Evan

      Too touristy and too little parking

    • Casual Jesus

      No. Old Town is not awesome.

  • Brittany

    Wish I could be there <3Loyal Italy-Stationed Chivette

    • Bert Macklin

      Where in Italy? I'm in Pisa right now.

  • Ray

    Well I live in San Diego and my friends and I are all loyal Chivers. We think Whisky Girl would be a great place to go in down town. If you guys want to ask me some questions I'm pretty sure we could figure it out. I have friends in high places.

    A loyal Chiver.

    • Evan

      I agree, mainly because ray asked me for

      • Evan

        Crap cut off ….

        And I would say Monday, I would definitely go

    • Chris

      Meh, whiskey girl sucks.

      • Ray

        Dude I was thinking about the layout not the bar atmosphere bc the atmosphere will change all Chivers.

    • gypsy

      nay to whiskey girl, im no longer welcome there

    • Chris Newman

      PB Bar & Grill or Moondoggies, easily enough room for us SD chivers

      • Don

        Pb bar and grill would be the best layout..

  • Darryl Ortigoza

    best time to wear my new kcco shirt!

  • magrin

    mahoney's tavern!

  • GM2

    You should come out on the 23rd. We are getting back from deployment and there are going to be a lot of sailors that are going to be looking to unwind with our all time favorite site. If you are interested just let me know.

    Email wasn't working.

  • 29er

    The one year I don't go home to San Diego for Memorial Day!

  • CLT Chiver

    Battleshots on a Battleship!!

  • The Warlocks Movie Review

    Pacific Beach. Cabo Cantina and Pacific Beach Shore Club are the two best bars for getting the party started.

    • San Diego Adam

      Those places are fun as hell, but you know damn well they're too small for a meet up. You need to think bigger. Wavehouse, BeachWood, etc.

      • The Warlocks Movie Review

        I'm talking about Military friendly bars. Shore Club is a hardcore Navy/Military Bar. And they can pack people in at Shore Club. If they were doing a regular meet up then maybe Wavehouse or Millers Field.

        • San Diego Adam

          ah- fair enough. Good ol SoreClub.

  • Justin

    Been waiting for an SD meetup!! Even better to honor the troops. No ideas on where to host it but I'll be there

  • Bronor K

    <img src=""&gt; Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to spend eternity with you!<img src=""&gt;

  • Rozanna

    Gas lamp district and pacific beach are both fun party spots here in San Diego. Most everyone in the military has to work early in the morning every weekday so the weekend might make for a better turnout.

  • Rozanna

    PS everyone should have Monday off

  • Nathan

    Come to Jacksonville FL!

    • LAlou

      Really!!!?? Jacksonville suck big DICK. Nothing but fat disgusting people.

    • Am3

      Jax!!!!!!!! Do it!


    Anyday works. Let us know and we’ll bring the Ruckus!!

  • Nate Law

    When will yal put the military shirts on sale again, for the military members that were deployed or in the field and missed it last time 😦

  • ThatGuy

    To be on the East Coast and no longer active duty

  • Jezza67

    Keswick Barracks, Adelaide, South Australia/ Home of 10/27 RAR.You can melt down a small town.

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