These are not my captions (34 photos)

  • LoFromWisco is a horrendous website, run by an even more horrendous human being.

  • Gman

    #31 Looks like Sgt Slaughter became a hitman. That seems oddly appropriate.

  • GuitarSkater

    STOP IT ….. not posing MOAR that is

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    #3…Mayans did not figure in leap years! The world should have ended already! #12…Fucking EPIC!

  • Andyrew711

    #17 I bet that turkey has nice breasts

  • Jawbone

    #1 Why is it on;y fat cunts did the planking shit?

  • danno29388

    # 2, its funny cause he's fat…. LMFAO… Chive On!

  • @MathijsBaert

    #22 what car is that ??

  • Tomx569
  • On Kimball

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  • Anonymous

    about the pic number 3, they predicted the arrival of the Spanish, =S you have to read more! =S

  • unknown

    #3 the mayans actually predicted when the white man would come and predicted accurately the date of their own demise

  • pattipie

    #4 why is half of his pinky finger missing???

  • Stump

    #3 – Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition… their chief weapon was surprise, surprise and… oh, I'll start again

  • mikethemotormouth

    who else was imagining snake from the simpsons as the snake's voice?

  • Carmen

    #14 is hilarious!! loved the song!!

  • Daniel

    #25. If you agree, you are gay.

  • Regina

    Lisa – I LOVE your first look photos Stacy, your prhpogoather really captured the excitment in both of your faces! STUNNING!June 4, 2010 1:10 pm

  • Amy

    Number 25 is STUPID.

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