• craig

    Asians are good at everything

    • thedude325

      Except driving.

      • r@f

        F U. Didnt you see Tokyo Drift?

        • WooohAa

          Their stunt drivers probably weren't Asian.

        • Heineken

          Fuck Tokyo Drift, guess who started drifting as a "motorsport"?

      • wdh

        Its asian women. true story.

        • wdh

          actually women in general.

    • http://www.facebook.com/trevor.muxlow Trevor Muxlow

      This guy is fucking genius! Had me laughing the whole time. Great stereotypes!

  • Bronor K

    <img src="http://www.allstaffitness.com/funny/nice.jpg">dude nice!!! gotta brush up the South African accent though……rest were pretty dope!! <img src="http://www.allstaffitness.com/funny1/food.jpg"&gt;

    • Bainsy

      have you ever heard a South African accent? That was pretty bang-on.

    • Chunk Pants

      Nothing you said is creditable because you used the term "dope"

    • unreal_vector

      As a South African, I'd say that was pretty impressive. Better than I've heard in a while…

  • George

    Old post is old Reddit.com theives

  • etcrr's goat

    This is one of the worst days on the chive in a long time…….

    • George

      Yah Reddit has been slow … … …

  • ArTee

    "I eat potato for breakfast, lunch and dinner"

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Impressive…kid nailed those accents…probably speaks them all fluently.

  • George


    • marcusgeorge

      yes, heaven forbid you are slow to bash a website popular for it's tight-knit community. Vanity at its' worst :/

      • George

        Shut up hoe, I'm so cool! I check 17 different websites daily so I know whats the cool of internet cool and know whats trending before anyone else!

        • marcusgeorge

          hahahaha that was hilarious! I am so hoping you actually speak like that and aren't just a keyboard warrior!

          • George

            I saw your comment 6 days ago on horseporn.com *yawn*

            • Some guy

              WOW! you check 17 websites a day and try to stay up on whats trending …… you must live at home and have no life. I suggest you get the fuck outside and do something besides try and be a lame arse hipster all day.

              oh, btw ….


              actually, that isnt fair to the idoits out there for you to be compared to them, might make them feel bad for being associated with you.

  • beantown

    That boston accent was terrible…

    • boll

      saved me from saying it

    • Poop

      Sounded just like all the people from boston I've met.

  • Scotty

    Pretty good, and I hate rap.

  • Suhlippin

    Second fail of the day.


    I make it rain like Slumdog Millionaire!!!

  • Mike C

    If this was a white kid, the video would be removed and he'd be forced to apologize

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Did you watch all the way to the end?

      • Seanzo

        He was secretly a white kid.

        • noegod

          yeah, just wait till the very end when he rips off the asian kid mask and it's Tom Cruise underneath! ha ha!

    • Poop

      100% correct.

  • Frank

    I'm not a fan of anal bleaching. After all what good is a target without a well defined "bullseye"?

  • mikey

    i hate when people imitate boston accents… martin sheen in the departed…. ugh

  • Panda

    WTF Collective 4

    • aguy

      im glad im not the only one who thought that

  • Rockomon

    hahahaha – that was good. The redneck was my favorite.

  • aguy

    jon lajoie all over.

  • AKStallion

    Nicely done. That was quite entertaining.

  • marcusgeorge

    If this gets posted one more time, does that mean you are trolling yourself…?

  • Duck

    Had my doubts but I'm glad I watched it! Shit was real nice like

  • zach

    If you dont like it you dont have to come and look at the site. You also dont have to take the time to comment with negative comments. I bet you dont have any close friends because your life is filled with negativity and complants. The chive is a site to take a break and have a laugh or appreciate beauty. Its not a place for negativity so for lack of a better sentence " go fuck your self"

    Thats all
    Keep it up Chive community KCCO

  • jessi

    if you hate it so much than why are you on it? and clearly, they are doing something right. they have millions of followers and photo submissions every day. this site makes people happy and i'd say thats helping society. all you are doing is spreading hate, which there's enough of that out there so get off our site.

  • jessi

    hahaha, i loved this. pretty funny.

  • Dave

    then get off the website

  • thedude325

    I work at Intel, you racist mother fucker.

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