• Josh

    Haters gonna hate!

  • Josh


  • whatwasthat

    what the fuck did i just watch

  • John Daniel

    did you not listen to the end of the song… If you offended by this you have the feelings of a little girl. If people lightened up and had more fun the world be a more peaceful place.

    Rushl: if you hate this website so much, don't fucking come to it. Every time you come to this website it just adds to number of hits that it gets. In turn you're just helping the Chive make more money. Nevermind… keep coming to the site and lining John's pockets. HOwever, don't post anything you moronic fuck!!!

  • John Daniel

    Rushl: get a job you piece of shit and stay off our site!! Zach is right… Go fuck yourself!! KCCO to everyone else.

  • Joe

    self righteous much? why don't you suck "my naughtities"

  • gieldb

    Not bad at all!!

  • jake

    he needs to battle with russell peters

  • Marty

    Honestly? Most of the accents are pretty bad, esp. the ones from outside the U.S. Still, lyrics were funny!

  • JJen

    the african sounded australian to me..
    but good job! Entertaining 🙂

  • Just me

    I wonder if he was black would you say 'black kid rap…'? Why can't he just be a kid rapping? Why do you have to put labels on people?

  • Levian

    I don't like rap, but this was cool! Nailed most of the accents, and he had a good message too, kcco!

  • No H8

    Don't H8 on him

  • Collin

    This was pure win.

  • fanzorate360

    OMG this was awesome lol

  • http://twitter.com/Leaflala @Leaflala

    Entertaining at the very least. Surprised I got to the end though, not my piece of cake.

  • ColemanAlberto

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  • Nicnac

    "I swear if one more person asks if I work at 7-11…" GOLD!

  • scary69

    no matter which language its in its still crap

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