Burnsday! (55 photos)

  • Noithin

    You got to see this video it's great wait till the end i promise it's worth it.

  • Matt-O

    Thank God for women, you are all so beautiful!!!!

  • Terryrizer

    #49: Fallacy. It always has and always will be cool.

  • Lac2501

    #31 simply STUNNING!!!

  • cake

    Why is the chive against bare nipple?
    Bare boobs=good

  • guest

    hot digon to my done, dingbags. or like we say downsouth, funbags for everyone.

  • Matti

    yea fellow chivers from belgium!! 🙂 #46

  • Shano

    #53….Future Chivette of the week

  • Allen

    Awesome smile #33

  • Jack

    Holy Hell!!!! #5 is my favorite by far…Im thanking God for you right now. Where can I find you? I think I'm in love with you!!! Please tell me you are not married!?!?!?! Thanks #5 for making my whole day!!

    • The Man

      Too bad Jack she's my wife. Stay tuned. Already submitted MOAR to the Chive. Any luck they'll be posted soon.

      The Man

  • jay

    #31 u nailed it! WOW!! Great smile. Thanks sweetheart

  • http://6-month-transformation.blogspot.com/ goldengekko1

    #15 proves that having one boob bigger than the other doesnt mean crap, they are all lovely and make you want to motorboat them till the sun goes down 😀

  • KingsChargers

    Best Burnsday Yet!

  • Less Than Joe



    #38…where is your face? Wowza… :0


    meaning what state is that face in? along with the body…sorta drunk right now…sorry

  • Nate
  • vahid


  • Joe

    The pretty blonde with the see through shirt, her big bosom and its bustline are something to behold, because her rack would get more attention because shes without a bra so thats helps a lot.

  • Jamie

    19…..moaaaar! is that how you spell it?

  • ChiBlonde

    I gotta say I have noticed a lack of black people. However, I dont think its at all harmful, it just isnt the core demographic. Also its not stalking when a girl is smiling, posting her own pic with"KCCO" written on her boob in eyeliner. Im a blonde with big boobs & what I like most about this site is that it shows real women, all shapes and sizes. In fact the pictures that get the most "MOAR" replys are usually the girl next door beautiful (very little makeup, not photo shopped, w/ natural bodies). I have to ask what is it about yourself that makes you so angry, because your issues with Chive are baseless. And in my experience when someone rants without cause, they are really upset with who they are.

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