Creepy. (31 photos)

  • Aurora01

    #16 Comic Book Guy IRL.

  • AK Coastie

    #21…..its ok, i didnt want to sleep ever again anyways.


    #21 takes it. too fucking fucked.

  • Mike Prosniewski

    MOAR!…I mean..More creepy please

  • WisGal_KCCO

    Wow, thanks for that Chive. *shudders*

  • maxchiver

    #21 POOPED my pants.

  • gnikk

    I don't get #12….spooky tree?

  • Retired Navy

    Ok who found my Sr prom photo?????

  • SumCat

    #21 – I pulled my feet in.

  • killa_kella

    #28 why does mickey have 3 eyes?

    • JLay

      The 3 eyes get you, but the bunny rabbit fist-fest isn't noteworthy??

  • George N. Penesis

    #27 what movie?

    • Dick Innabocks

      13 Ghosts

  • Max

    #11..I'd tap it

  • the_mike

    #27, 13 ghosts. Such an epically awesome / bad movie.

  • Brett Butler

    #2 reminds me of chucky….

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    Kill them ALL with fire!

    • JLay

      What an original comment.

  • Jordan Peerbolte

    #22 Heidelberg Project is so cool, but super eerie one of the best things downtown Detroit.

  • Mr C

    this was one of the hardest things to fap to

  • jeff

    #21 Holy.Fucking.Donkey Balls.I would much rather take 5 kicks in the nuts every day until I die. Fuck.Shit.Stack!

  • MariaSky100

    #2 would be perfect for birth control ad….

  • Lawrence Panis

    FUUUUUUUUUUU!!! #13 was the only one to get me! I hate clowns!!!!


    #22 Detroit!!!!

  • Joe Rosso

    #21 fuck taking pictures. i dont know if I should try to kill it with fire or run for my life

  • ladytamlihua


  • Master_Rahl

    #8 Creepiest thing about this one is that the subject of the pic is married…

  • Jamie

    #21 NOPE.

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