Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • haeddre

    #10 Awe…shut up too cute
    #13 I almost "awed" at till I saw the ages… PLEASE tell me that little baby is a daughter of the 39 year old and not the 16 year old…
    #24 looks like "Road Trip" to me
    #27 LMFAO
    #28 ALL HAIL!!!

  • Turd Ferguson

    Just by doing the math, all these women are whores!

  • Joseph

    #20 awesome.

  • Grippy

    #20…dope, but TV should be bigger, amirite?

  • Turd Ferguson

    Brainwashed idiots! Bill Murray stop being good in the 90's. You just like him because the idiots that run this site like him. Grow a brain!

  • chiver

    cool story bro

  • ale

    Your dream? That´s sad, why don´t you make a site with all of the adove. I´ll be boring but your own. Troll.

  • pop

    #4 nice

  • jazz

    offended man is offended #30

  • brammerface

    I need to know the story behind #25. I waited around an auction in Dallas to bid on that exact same life size dinosaur but it went for $2000+! I never thought I would see him again.


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12629486 Brett Butler

    #4 very nice! I could look at that in a post everyday!

    #16 is pretty sweet looking.

  • brammerface

    go away betch

    • heehee

      shut up

  • Bost

    ^^ posted by the most racist type of person….

    • thedude325

      In fact this guy is a "true" racist. One who actually believes in a genetic difference between whites and blacks. I'm sure he believes that blacks are truly inferior and need some sort of assistance so that their views are seen.

  • KCCOrazorback

    #28 i need that when my chivette gets bitchy . WEARING MY NEW BLACK KCCO SHIRT TODAY !! Chive On

  • Tyler

    That was the stupidest thing I've ever attempted to read then didn't care enough to finish. If you don't like the site go somewhere else. It's not that hard to not come to this website if you don't like it. You're simply wasting our time, the Chive time, and clearly your own. Please go find a site which better fits your world views and leave us alone.

  • Rick_

    Call the internet police and have them close down the site and arrest the admins! lol

    Why don't you go try and shut down the real KKK and white power sites? Moron.

  • funkmaster

    #27 Laughed till my eyes watered !!! Love how the sheep backs up to gauge his charge !!!

  • haeddre

    That whole Freedom of Speech allows you to say this, and them to publish what they want… So… Its a conundrum… Don't like it, move on… I'm sure there is more you can do with your time…

  • dave

    #13 Braylin?

  • Aaron

    This cat needs a warm glass of milk and a paper bag and Nature Sounds Vol. 12 playing in the background.
    FYI- using vulgarity not only weakens the message you are trying to convey, but makes you sound like a crazy person with a personal vendetta.

  • Csquared303

    you mad bro?

  • blu

    Nice dream. Way to do your part.

  • Jewels

    OMG You are such an annoying creature. Why, dear God, why do you put such immense effort into writing something, that quite frankly, hasn't been read by anyone? Furthermore, why do you even come to here if you dislike it so much?


    Go bother someone else. I Latino and have no problem with this site. You mentioned black people and asians. What about my people? Go away!!

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