Gravity defying artwork by Cornelia Konrads (25 Photos)

This mind-bending artwork and much more at Cornelia Konrad’s website HERE

  • Brett Butler

    Pretty neat idea and execution. I would definitely be weirded out if I saw # 5 while hiking in the woods.

  • Trade Jefferson

    More posts like this, please. Posts like this are the real reason this site is better than any of the other hundred million tits 'n' memes sites.

  • Regular Guy

    Meh. I make floaters all the time.

  • keepnitreal

    the most UNinteresting man in the world: I dont usually post comments, but when i do, they suck

  • mrjimmyos

    #21 The dream space is collapsing!

  • Tobban

    #19 from gültzau udden park in luleå sweden, they have an annual snow sculpture contest which is pretty amazing. i live two minutes away.
    pretty crazy to see something from my small corner of the world pop up here =)

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