I see what you did there (33 photos)

  • stump

    As an engineer that works on these construction projects if a sign is moved or altered and a fatality occurs, and you are caught I will garuntee a conviction of felony manslaughter.

    • Matt

      Good point. I'm a fan of pranks and occasional law breaking, but if something is serving a purpose that could possibly prevent death or severe injury then it's probably not a good idea to fuck with it.

    • sean

      yeah, because youd TOTALLY get caught 😛

      • Simon

        You missed the bit about somebody dying.

  • Manoloelgomo

    Holy Crap! I took the photo for #28 years ago when I worked at the city library. I wonder who submitted it?

  • Keith_D

    #32- I want that bumper sticker

  • http://twitter.com/Juli4ever @Juli4ever

    Omg #13 for a couple seconds by was like "WRF WHERE ARE HER LE- oh there they are… I think.?!?!

  • sean

    there are not "lips" in that image, at least none that are discernable. you can see where they would be, buts its too dark to make anything out. unless youve got CSI-esque fake technology.

  • reptar

    Bad technique, drumsticks are crossed… tsk tsk

  • https://www.facebook.com/philip.alvarez1 Philip Alvarez

    #29 – wonder how many losers enhanced the pic to see if you could see more of her vagina

  • Bonerhead

    #29, Nice Dry Martini, and a Wet Pussy! It doesnt get any better than that !

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