Moscow men try their hand at fashion…the results are unstable at best (31 Photos)

  • stonewall_79

    They're just a bunch of fags, plain and simple.

  • Digital_Bison


  • Brett Butler

    Can we make this trend stop already?

  • Sauliazas

    sense of fashion you either have it or you're dying of envy

  • tylrd67

    #25 I always wondered what happened to that guy from Soul Asylum

  • Chivette88

    All these Russian men are gay…Russian men do not dress like this

  • dave

    Well this helps explain the mail order brides.

  • Johnny K.

    I think it is totally tasteless for the Chive to be mocking the mentally disabled…

    Shame on you! 🙂

  • DDV

    This is like a photo log of people who should be beat in public. Its one thing to try and look like a hipster its a whole other thing to actually fuck up looking like a hipster. i dont know which is worse.

  • Needlegun13

    I got to number 5 and just couldn't take any more. Gods, that's just bad. I'd punch these guys on general principle.

  • Low

    I hate every one of them

  • @HBSS82

    69 years of communist oppression, the wall came down in '89, what the hell happened over there in the last 25 years???

  • Charlotte

    If you only scroll halfway down #28 and #29 they get away with it.

  • Jennifer

    Wow man bag overload, I have loads of bags to sell. Maybe I should include Moscow in my ebay shipping destinations 🙂

  • Justin

    If I was in Moscow there would be a lot of slaps being given. My pimp hand would be kept strong on that trip.

  • Boogaboos

    Did these guys get their clothes from their moms closet. In which they are hiding in

  • oledirtybastard

    its amazing how there is three poses in this gallery

  • Martin

    we still have walmart…

  • drea72

    #12 i can see your little dick dude.

    #25 is pretty awesome

  • ChiFin

    If you wear clother like enywhere else in Russia you'll proBably get shot!

  • Jordan Tunnicliff

    This may as well be everyone in East London.

  • Adam

    They're all gay right……..right???

  • Natalie

    #7, #22 and #26 actually seem legit.

  • TSB

    This is so fucking UK! Why everyone follows this shit!?

  • noegod

    #13 Hey ginger, come here! I've got the perfect outfit for you!

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