The people he helped honor one of the greatest men who ever lived (Video)

As World War II was brewing in Europe, one man, Sir Nicholas Winton, worked in secret to sneak 669 children out of German-occupied Czechoslovakia to safety in England. Years later, his wife was going through the attic and discovered the documents detailing her husbands heroism and sent them to the BBC. They then organized this event to honor one of the greatest, humblest, and most inspirational men who’s ever been born. Sir Nicholas Winton.

  • DaveStinson316

    Things like this are why I chive. Amazing man.

  • Capatiller

    Darn it, I think I got some dust in my eyes.

  • The Woim

    Wiki says one of "his" children went on to be a pediatric geneticist and professor at the university of Wisconsin Madison and she discovered Neu-Laxova syndrome which is a rare congenital abnormality involving multiple organs. So not only did this giant of a human being save a future genius doctor, but also the lives of all those afflicted by the aforementioned condition. Beer, Bewbs, and BBQ served by Brazilian women volleyball players for Sir Winton for the rest of his days. – claps twice.

  • Ron Burgundy

    This man is now 103 years old. I'm sure Karma has had a healthy part in him living this long.


    God Dammit Chive… You don't tug the heart strings, you rip them out.

  • James

    this is why i love chive. awesome way to start my day.

  • Erick Lorenzo

    Truly remarkable…. Faith in humanity restored. Try keep a dry eye after seeing this my friends, it is a challenge.

  • Jammy

    I know if I watch it I'm going to get all welled up. But i do it anyway. I guess I want to know how awesome the human spirit is.

  • Nicnac

    The Greatest Generation… great GREAT people…

  • jjj

    Tears you great bastards

  • Zapppers

    Most touching… Proves that just not the good die young…

  • mutant26

    tears…never thought I would do that. Darn. The ultimate chiver! Kept calm, chived through the war and saved hundreds of lives, only to keep it to himself. Fuckin eh!

  • Alex

    Really Chive?! You are going to make me cry at work?!?

  • Aaron

    This is outstanding. We absolutely need more REAL heroes in the world. I hope that I can raise my boys to have the kind of selfless honor and heroism that this man has. He definitely KCCO.

  • sassygurl129

    This is the kind of posts that I'd much rather see over hump day and burn your bra, then to proceed reading comments about wanting to see them naked. I love you chive you keep my crappy work day entertaining, but it's these kinds of posts that I feel like there is more to life than hump and flbp. It restores humanity, and to remind us all that we should be kind to one another.

  • mrjimmyos

    I think I just accidentally squeezed a whole lemon into my eye hang on

  • josh

    Maybe hero stories can be your new Sunday theme.

  • Ali Tawharu

    Goddamn dust

  • Mouthbreather

    When you see this, I feel a moment of sadness at what horrid things we can do to one and other. Sad again at seeing the families that were split by those same atrocities. Lastly, admiration and humbled at knowing there are men like this in our world who can conspire against evil. Generations of people were saved as a result of his kind work. Well done sir. Well done.

  • truegto

    Somebody owes this man a blowjob…………….

  • jkboss

    Friday onion truck just arrived, damn truck!

  • Cierra

    the greatest man who's ever lived would be Jesus… Thanks for coming out though.

  • geo

    I'm sure (I sincerely hope), as time passes and the stories come out, we'll hear of people like him doing similar acts of heroism, saving people in our generation in Libya, Syria, or other wartorn nations.

  • tmach81

    And that my dear Chivers is the reason why they are called the greatest Generation.

  • Sirgallahad

    My eyes have been overcome with onion mist.

    I feel so insignificant and un-helpful.

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