The people he helped honor one of the greatest men who ever lived (Video)

As World War II was brewing in Europe, one man, Sir Nicholas Winton, worked in secret to sneak 669 children out of German-occupied Czechoslovakia to safety in England. Years later, his wife was going through the attic and discovered the documents detailing her husbands heroism and sent them to the BBC. They then organized this event to honor one of the greatest, humblest, and most inspirational men who’s ever been born. Sir Nicholas Winton.

  • Sirgallahad

    Thanks a LOT Chive…

    It's like you KNEW that the V.A. forgot to mail my anti-depressants.

  • Elzuperx

    Movie please!!!

  • B_lil

    He is our hero today! He can Be a super hero for today's generations. We just have to pay it forward by passing on his story on to our children.

  • zimzima

    they dont mak'em like him anymore

  • Matt

    That was wonderful!

  • CadAlec

    Well played Chive, its this stuff that sets this site apart from inpersonators

  • Chris Thomas

    Naw, man…just, you know…allergies. You know how it goes.

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    Truly inspirational.

  • @MaXGTS911

    Spielburg's next movie!

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