Best photos of the week (48 Photos)

  • dannyboy2799

    I would take #48 out for a nice seafood dinner and I WOULD call her again.

  • Jason

    #18 Not only very stupid but also VERY disgusting

    • Paula's #1 Fan

      Yeah, the sight of her legs are making me sick. Imagine being that out of shape. Some people just have NO self respect..

  • Bobby

    #48 likes Wu-Tang. Automatically my dream girl.

  • CC101

    #28 – Hope you are better soon!

  • Cr0daddy

    #55 Diamond Cutter!!

  • TomThom

    #35 simply inspirational.

  • awhite2020

    She's not minding the gap!

  • Jim

    Dear Chive, I don't even want to have to scramble to the annoying ad that is playing audio ever again. thank you
    – all of us.

  • Alex

    #23 Where is this place!!! A bunch of half naked girls!!! Wish I was there!

  • Jeff

    In #23 did no one else notice the hulk in the background??

    • john

      haha never saw that…

  • Jay

    #12 #27

    Sweet mother of god!

  • forever alone

    #53 yeah shes fit but ignorant just like the rest

  • Moar Boar

    have we found this #9 valkyrie yet? #23#27#31#40

  • goldengekko1

    #9 thor went with the wrong girl this is who he should want 😀

  • Ispeakchive

    #51 I'm not sure what is up with all of the Nicholas Cage pics lately.His only passable role was in Raising Arizona,,,,and Fast Times at Ridgemont High where he is listed in the credits by his real name.

    • john

      if you feel that way… you've clearly missed the joke..because the joke is exactly what u just said.. i feel he has done other good movies… gone in 60 seconds.. the rock?

  • patboyslim

    #35 i'll be a little stressed up in front of her…
    Like : "Hello my name is fdgjsdtyhsgdhjdg…"

  • patboyslim

    Hope DSK wasn't in the same club that night.

  • Paula Fan

    Paula finally posted her pic?

  • pete

    that ass is plastic..

  • chris

    That man had a firm grip of hamburgers.

  • DocDelicious


    Wait? Guy is claiming she fell asleep at a club? She's a model. There are pics of her all over the Internet and most of them are of her ass under a blacklight as well. Trust me…I'd know that ass anywhere.

    • forever alone

      u dont know that hiney

  • forever alone

    wtf are u mad who gives a shit about chelsea bayern tonight? not me. if any one wants to help answer the questions im asking

    • forever alone

      why no envelope?

      why no reply?

      why can u change my account name when u didnt even know it?

      • forever alone

        thats 3 questions that have got fuk all to do with football

        • forever alone

          if there to difficult why cant u post a job vacancy?

          • forever alone

            dont start telling me the dream police are active in 2012 clamping down on people who dream or thought police are rife and current

            • forever alone

              i now understand why you are forever alone

              • forever alone

                how do u know its not you who wrote all that?

                • forever alone

                  answer these questions please from NOW to the resolve please i dont want to know anything else

                  • forever alone

                    guessin u cant answer to this comment site ??

                    • forever alone

                      whys that it be a riddle anyway

                    • forever alone

                      then why did u start this?

                    • forever alone

                      lets play a game………..YOUR MOVE (double sided thin sticky tape toilet roll)

                    • forever alone

                      any other games? that one doesn't tickle my fancy..

                    • forever alone

                      gone quiet now are you..and you're usually so chatty..:p

                    • forever alone

                      why did you start what, what is going on here mind is confused..

                    • forever alone

                      did you enjoy the match?

  • mac daddy

    #12 who the f is this??

  • forever alone

    ye shes pingin

  • pablo

    #49 those books are hilarious.

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