Facebook employees now get to work at their own campus (17 Photos)


  • Chris

    If i was an investor I would have to wonder if their ROI on this place is positive

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13752682 Zach Rochner

    #16 so are there just pictures of Mark Zuckerburg everywhere? Like big brother or something?

  • Boner

    This won't last long. Now that they are public the shareholders won't stand for that kind of waste that could be turned into a dividend..and I don't blame them.

  • Jezdezpez

    Meh, I'd rather work for Google. Facebook sucks.

  • Ballen

    Wonder how this makes those twins from harvard feel

  • ghad

    do they need an accountant?

  • Pooper

    Why is #13 not a women?

  • Mikey G

    The Chive will be more powerful than facebook one day… Soon…

  • etcrr

    I never got this facebook thing,I have never understood why you would give up your privacy.

    • Leddy420

      Most people I know who don't have friends "don't understand this facebook thing" either.

      • Bill57

        most people you know have bullshit on their facesz so you should tell them to go wash it off cause they have bullshit on their face

      • Doctor

        If your justification for using facebook is all of your friends have facebook, you need new friends

  • Yotapdat

    The reason why i love where i was raised. We are where EVERYONE wants to be and where EVERYTHING tech related comes from. THATS WHATS UP!

  • stupid

    This is important work. Right on the verge of curing cancer or sustainable cold fusion.

  • Scott

    Trying to be like Google. Good luck. You have a long ways to go.

  • spike99908

    so what exactly do they all do? i'd say basically nothing…
    thank god for inflated stock prices to support a bunch of kids doing nothing.

    oh look, sarah created a 'like' button. whoopdi freaking doo!! someone give that girl a raise.

  • svp

    cant wait till it becomes the next myspace. what a waste

  • Kodos

    Enter text right here!how's that IPO going?

  • Master_Rahl

    #16 Is it me or is this a very egotistical move? It's like White Goodman's painting of 'taking the bull by the horns' ("But that actually happened, though")

  • junior

    I give them 2 years tops….remember a little company called AOL, or how about a social site called My Sapce…Google owns the internet ad game. Invest well face book droids

  • Notknowing

    Looks like a fun place to work. Not like cubicle land.

  • Mitchiver

    maybe some of these old stuff company owners can maybe change their own fucking lame ways of running a company and see how lucrative, productive and profitable a company can be if you just invest in your employees. god for bid your place of work is a fun atmosphere that you don't have to nor want to leave for lunch or break.

  • dirty toe nail

    when this bubble busts there is gonna be a kick ass yard sale. No advertising, no FB. I feel sorry for anyone who bought any shares today. Wait, no I don't. Suckers

  • Stezo

    I have been to the new campus a couple of times place is fully legit.

  • Bob

    Zuckerberg is corporate monkey now, not a hacker/hip computer geek

  • Dibdy

    #10 Might I suggest a Find Them!!!!

  • Bob

    YAY!! Hopefully, the Facebook employees will start killing themselves like the iPhone/iPad people. Fingers crossed.

  • Nickincollege

    #5 If you call a bunch of alcohol on a table a bar, then I must be a bar owner.

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