Friday Dopamine Dump (46 photos)

  • Come@meBro

    #39 Pallet-jack level: GOD!

  • chib

    #30 what movie?

    • guest

      Sea of Love

  • Notknowing

    #36 AA is for quitters.

    • Smokey

      I read this as, "there is hope ahead through alcoholism" but then I saw the winery sign…I think it's better the other way.

      • jakeTN

        thats in Manchester,TN lol Bonnaroo

  • jerkstore_

    #43 I wish I had a time machine

    • tv_paul

      You don't own a watch?.

    • Franklin1138

      Sometimes if you can find WW2 reenactments or living history displays, you'll also find pretty girls dressed up in period costume like this. Sometimes they have hangar dances, too, which are a lot of fun.

    • Theguyinfrontofthetv

      Acceptable Duckfaces 🙂

    • dtownguy

      absolutely gorgeous

    • Sceptic

      Duck face, the origins.

  • xocalixo

    #30 Gotta start somewhere…

  • Jules Winnfield

    #30 And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you!

  • echogeo

    Alice from the Brady Bunch?

  • jode72

    So I'm sitting here waiting for a tow truck to pick me up, fuming over probably losing a day's pay thanks to my stupid car, scrolling The Chive and trying to KCCO…

    …and then #24 smiled at me and made everything better. TheChive, you truly do God's work.

  • Smithers

    #43 acceptable duck face?

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'd tap em both.

    • geo

      That's not duckface, that's kissy face / pucker-up. The classy predecessor to the duckface.

  • ConfusedHick

    why is his shirt eating him? #28

  • Mike

    #28 Double Derp

  • KingThing

    gave me a nastalgic boner.

    • Franklin1138

      "nostalgic," but yes, one does get one from dames like these.

  • Joe

    #39 runs it like a boss

  • Hard Time

    #43 why yes, I would like a time machine

  • AL Ventura

    #6 Find her!!!!!!

  • namestim

    #11, morons…

    • Axon

      It's a students event in Montreal … and yes, morons.

    • Hank Scorpio

      There's a phone booth still in Montreal?

  • REL

    #30 The movie is SEA OF LOVE (1989), according to IMDB. It's too bad that after his start, he got typecast into playing "black guys" in all his future roles.

  • Scott

    #11 the cops need a fishing pole with welfare checks hanging on them.

  • echogeo

    Yeah, what she said.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Blow work just as well too, ya know.

      • echogeo

        Yeah, but I like the facial expressions the other creates.

        • MonkeyMadness

          I guess you got what I meant.. *Blow jobs 😛

  • j_ram210

    #10 killuminati!!!!

  • Scott

    #40 Beyonce's number 1 problem.

    • Fred Garvin

      She is her own worst enemy.

  • Cecil

    #45 Don't worry guys, I'm sure we'll fetch a much higher price after China repossesses us.

  • thorthechiver

    still a little confused as to what #10 is supposed to be? is that the illuminnati symbols?

    • Franklin1138

      People looking through finger goggles. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • thorthechiver

        alright i gotcha i was jw cuz someone did a report on the illuminatti in my class a few weeks ago and they used this picture

        • dirtysteve99

          I would hope they failed that report if they came up with anything other than Illuminati = bullshit.

          • thorthechiver

            yeah thats what i was thinking seemed way to hoakie and didn't make any sense just making sure i was right on this one

            • dirtysteve99

              There WAS an lluminati society, a few intellectuals. It petered out though, there's no one group behind everything.

              (Though I'd keep my eye on the Belgians)

              • Franklin1138

                I would also think that Britney Spears would be LAST on their list of candidates for membership. Shit, the Playmobil guy would make a better Illuminati than she.

                • dirtysteve99

                  Or, and hear me out, she's actually a nefarious super-genius?

                  • thorthechiver

                    haha was actually thinking that myself noone ever expects the dumbass to be the culprit gets 'em every time

                  • Franklin1138

                    Huh. I think you might be on to something, Dirty Steve. I mean, shit…look at the leaders of the free world…

                  • the spirit world

                    hey dawg,did you see the size of that chicken?

    • Token Black Chiver

      Its a Paris based clothing company called Hype Means Nothing. Shirts are like $70 i have no idea why i bought one

  • Drew

    #20 Great pic!

  • luckyB

    #24….if looks could kill

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