Hot Right Now: Here come the hunnies & funnies (20 Photos)
  • TheCorruptor998

    2 things, first off, the first song is killer, sepultura's "roots bloody roots"
    and second, i am now wearing my balls as my adam's apple.

  • Chris Gibbons

    Hmm… could be fun!

  • What? Who Me? No...

    He said. " its roughly 350 meters high, one of the tallest places in russia."

  • LoweryDaniel

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  • Guest

    Ah hell no!

  • NOpE

    • NOpE

      Oops…intended to Embed before I noticed the link…

  • dave

    Fucking arse holes.

  • NOpE

  • Lumpy

    I buIld those cranes for a lIvIng try doIng It wIth fIfty pounds of tools on you and Its easIer to walk the outer tube than the catwalk wIth all the shIt In the way

  • purvieWRX

    In soviet Russia, there are no "Do not enter" signs, or such thing as safety harness…

  • CorwinNorway

    intro reads:

    Life threatening (Dangerous)
    Do not try to repeat it!

  • LikeAFiftyTwo

    I get that feeling in my balls. You know that feeling

  • BradB

    Why didn't they jump?

  • Matt

    hey any1 know the songs played in the video??

  • Matt

    lol nvm

  • Bill

    What is the second played actually

  • Jey

    Where they wearing chutes?

  • Rocks guzzle

    Should have jumped…

  • Jay

    Fucking pussies didn't even jump! Christ if u r going to climb the shit out of something big, at least base jump of it!

  • shabazdavis

    i am guessing he said three hundred meters.

  • wantaknow

    No one knows the second song??

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

  • OG

    So wait they didnt base jump ??

  • KeithAngel

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  • CutlerC

    from a guy who has walked the beams of the Rogers Center rafters thats pretty sweet video, but heights look exaggerated with a fisheye cam. Would have been cool to see it with a regular lens.

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