I hope you’re not afraid of heights (Video)

I don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s probably something along the lines of “Wow, we are really high up. Why the Hell did we climb up here? Dear God, please don’t let me fall.” I’m roughly translating, of course.

  • Mdot

    They are not scared one bit. They could probably sleep up there.

  • https://www.facebook.com/skalto1 Sander Dijkman

    damn! that must be a huge thrill!! SICK!!

  • Ionut

    CHIVE !! Your video player sucks !!

  • driz

    built by russians, WOULD NOT TRUST IT

  • navaho777

    for gods sake does anybody know what the second song is????

  • Adriaan

    another great example of one of those 'hey man, i've got an awesome idea..'

  • kal50

    OMG are you kidding me !?!? I think I just shat a little.

  • Ryan

    Fuck off with your fucking adverts at the start of your often shitty videos.

  • PAUL. C

    FUCK!! NO!!

  • b en mencer


  • Morgan

    No THANK YOU I like the ground to much


    My pecker was hurting just watching this – F_ _ _ that shit!!!

  • GivesMeTheShakes

    Crazy Russian bastards – no wonder they beat Hitler!
    If you look up "Vladivostok" on google maps, you can see the bridge under construction at the southern tip of the city.

  • @unkindagiza

    I had to move from my bed to the floor while watching this and I am still scared I am going to fall.

  • ros


  • Chelmsford Spuds

    at about 7.00 he says "and now comes the difficult part, getting on top…" WTF? you'd climb on top of it with nothing to hold your balance? like everyone else said, fuck that.

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  • Nilton

    hands sweating

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