• BabyFarts Magizax

    wow…seems like a little much just to open a beer. good skill, but I could open 5 with a lighter with the time he wasted.

  • MickeyFig

    No safety goggles…..

  • ...

    Does he do parties?

  • tomoffel

    like a boss! 😀

  • 16inchzipper

    Stay away from his daughter, he'll open you the same way.


    i was scared for my face that shit was gonna blow

  • Dan

    That was pretty awesome

  • noegod

    Made me thirsty, and I don't like beer!

  • Billy

    Next thing you will hear about is some redneck cutting off his foot, trying that at home

  • Geordie

    Yeah, now my beer is cold waiting for him to open it.

  • MasterFlash

    Wait, was i supposed to be impressed by something?

  • jojoleb

    looks like bill F Murray a bit 😛 !!

  • Beerman

    I would like to know what freakin town the cap landed in….. That thin took off like a rocket.

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