This won’t make you feel young (37 Photos)

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Happy Friday!!!

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • Kristen

    Wow. I feel like I need to go get a walker. I feel really old and really nostalgic at the same time.

  • Aaron Ahlquist

    Wow. I feel kind of old. Especially when it said that people born in '95 are graduating high school this year. On a side note, is it gay that I LOVE Meryl Streep? I'm sorry but Devil Wears Prada=one of the best movies ever. Another thing that will make you feel old: Devil Wears Prada is 6 years old.

  • puzzled

    #5 what what what? Regis had a sex change…?? New to me..

  • Chris

    #37 still fine as ever!

  • BigDawg77

    Stick it chive!!!!!!

  • Mikey

    #26 – What a shame, there was so much potential…

  • leafsfan2005

    #37 – Hasn't aged a day.

  • Bw11

    #7 got me. Holy crap I feel old now….


    Ah bearly know any of these im young bitch

  • miguel

    #7 ugh. . . . I graduated high school in 1995.

    • @LuNcH_bOx13


  • Liam GTFOMW

    #37 … Meryl Streep is rocking it still

  • markbrev

    And you thought Death Becomes Her was just a made up film……

  • Anomanom

    Screw the hoverboard, I want autolaces.

  • Chazz_B

    #26 she was a smokeshow, sad…

  • @hutton2420

    Where's BFM???

  • F3n1x187

    #33 5 years! Damn I was writing my first dissertation back then (which I didn't finish) 😦

  • Boman425

    Holy Suck….!

  • Juice

    #7 is wrong. 1995 kids are 17 and juniors in high school

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    #4 Brian Autenrieth is a mortal god amongst mortal men

  • bignewf

    #22 definitely hit me the hardest mind=blown


    #22 can't believe it's been that long already. seems like yesterday she got blown away by the t-shirt cannons.
    #37….. i'd still hit it.

  • Matt

    Kids these days will never have a childhood as cool as ours.. Damn you time (shakes fist)

  • varu76

    WHY ??? DEAR LORD WHY ???

  • @lackofabetter

    #15 #16 Still got problems apparently

  • Michael Biddulph

    f u chive didnt need a reminder going to go have a mid life crisis now lol jk but maybe…….

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