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Post found via Buzzfeed

Happy Friday!!!

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • Mythbusted

    Obviously had the wrong image… #13 is actually NOT his daughter. Though #12 may be.

  • David Shamolian

    #15 #16 what the hell happened to him… i loved the all the Problem Child movies (only2). But this kid really hit the wall.

    • David Shamolian

      he looks like Under Taker's red haired step child! even though it's befitting based on his character…..

  • JMc

    #37 Still looks amazing.

  • alex86

    #11, not bad

  • Gee 2

    Wow. Thanks for that Chive.😛

  • Lisa

    #17 1990 was ten years ago I don't care what you say

  • ibs2pid

    Thank god for #23

  • gottaclimb

    #11 MOAR of her…. Damn

  • dj hochzeit

    die zeit macht nur vor dem teufel halt …

  • dj münchen

    nice to see, that also the rich people are getting older

  • Pancho McDougle

    #2 FERG FACE!

  • Frankie

    i hate my life

  • UGTP

    #17 I am in such denial that the 90's are 20 years ago that I refused to believe this enough to call it lies…. true story.

  • Michael

    #6… LIES! it's right here. Internet is magical. So is delivery folks.

  • CBs

    Can we file this one under 'Buzz-Kill'?

  • amierose86

    #13 No way! CRAZY!
    #30 I still ♥ watching The Never-Ending Story, reminds me of being young, for sure.

  • mrjimmyos

    #8 Crikey😮
    #9 And awesome😀

  • safsadf


    wanted for murder

  • Jennifer Newcomb


  • SCiD

    Evil bastards. I'm goona go cry into a non-alcoholic beer.


    STOP IT!!!!!!!

  • John325

    #27 — I wonder if his shirt said, "Pro-Mullet"??!

  • Brooke

    Worst Friday ever.

  • DrZin

    Only thing that really gets me the Nirvana baby; I don't know what half of that other s*** is!

  • Christopher

    People born in 1993-1994 graduated not 95. Unless you're like a kid in Cali

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