This won’t make you feel young (37 Photos)

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Happy Friday!!!

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • Paul B.

    Also "Boxy" on the original Battlestar Galactica series…

  • Bryce

    #25 I've seen your dick…

  • Jack

    #36 16 years old and still providing me with the entertainment it did when I first got it!! N64 has aged well, don’t know If I can say that for the company though…

  • Tee

    What about asteroids? Xxtra Flaming hot asteroids!

  • raybay

    #7 VERY wrong 1994… kids born in 1994 will graduate high school this year. i graduate in two weeks

  • James

    When does Eminems daughter turn 18?

  • CoastieJoeRio

    well… there legal

  • Dantegeek34

    That did it…I'm getting old.

  • da goober

    the most depressing post i need another jack'n coke – STAT!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #33 makes me the most sad of all

  • Indiana Chiver

    Thanks for reminding me Chive. Here, let me hold still so you can punt kick me in the nuts while you're at it.

  • sean

    #27 OMG kill it with FIRE. and i thought she was goofy looking NOW

  • Josh

    My heart hurts… but thank you Chive.

  • richp

    I don't math but my brother is a '95 and he graduates in two years (he also started a year late). Did they cut out a year of high school because of budget issues?

  • Alex

    I'm not even 20 yet (6/19) and this makes me feel old!

  • zepolcire

    Well shit.

  • Ben

    Btw people graduating this year were mostly born in 94. I graduated last year and my class was mostly 92 and 93. Okay okay I know, it's basically arguing semantics when your old! Also this made me feel old as shit and I'm only 20

  • Kitty

    #30 atreyu is the kid in the never-ending story?!!

  • Catherine

    I hate myself for knowing this, but the baby who played the sunbaby from the Teletubbies was on Laguna Beach…

  • moeshere foxdale

    bob thanks for the night mares YOU SUCK…LOL

  • cianna

    #7 get your shit right it's 1994 not 1995


    #3 #11 #13 Phuking MOAR PLEASE!

  • AFry

    #7 is wrong, '94 and '93 babies graduate this year

  • D Nice


  • noegod

    #33 I was doing good till I got to this one. I'm 31 years old, born in Nov. 1980 – this wasn't easy!

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