Hot Right Now: Crazy girl flips out after guy agrees they should be friends (6 Photos)

This won’t make you feel young (37 Photos)

Post found via Buzzfeed

Happy Friday!!!

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • Paul B.

    Also "Boxy" on the original Battlestar Galactica series…

  • Bryce

    #25 I've seen your dick…

  • Jack

    #36 16 years old and still providing me with the entertainment it did when I first got it!! N64 has aged well, don’t know If I can say that for the company though…

  • Tee

    What about asteroids? Xxtra Flaming hot asteroids!

  • raybay

    #7 VERY wrong 1994… kids born in 1994 will graduate high school this year. i graduate in two weeks

  • James

    When does Eminems daughter turn 18?

  • CoastieJoeRio

    well… there legal

  • Dantegeek34

    That did it…I'm getting old.

  • da goober

    the most depressing post i need another jack'n coke – STAT!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #33 makes me the most sad of all

  • Indiana Chiver

    Thanks for reminding me Chive. Here, let me hold still so you can punt kick me in the nuts while you're at it.

  • sean

    #27 OMG kill it with FIRE. and i thought she was goofy looking NOW

  • Josh

    My heart hurts… but thank you Chive.

  • richp

    I don't math but my brother is a '95 and he graduates in two years (he also started a year late). Did they cut out a year of high school because of budget issues?

  • Alex

    I'm not even 20 yet (6/19) and this makes me feel old!

  • zepolcire

    Well shit.

  • Ben

    Btw people graduating this year were mostly born in 94. I graduated last year and my class was mostly 92 and 93. Okay okay I know, it's basically arguing semantics when your old! Also this made me feel old as shit and I'm only 20

  • Kitty

    #30 atreyu is the kid in the never-ending story?!!

  • Catherine

    I hate myself for knowing this, but the baby who played the sunbaby from the Teletubbies was on Laguna Beach…

  • moeshere foxdale

    bob thanks for the night mares YOU SUCK…LOL

  • cianna

    #7 get your shit right it's 1994 not 1995


    #3 #11 #13 Phuking MOAR PLEASE!

  • AFry

    #7 is wrong, '94 and '93 babies graduate this year

  • D Nice


  • noegod

    #33 I was doing good till I got to this one. I'm 31 years old, born in Nov. 1980 – this wasn't easy!

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