Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

Do you have so many cat questions? Jason David Shapiro is a cat expert. He holds multiple degrees in cat psychology, send him your cat questions and photos of your cat on twitter here.
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  • Jordan

    chive, last night on my way home, a cat darted in front of me and i couldn't avoid it. probably the worst night i have had in a long time. i felt horrible considering how much i love cats. Luckily, caturday is today so i get to be cheered up. R.I.P white cat

    • KatHater

      you pwn.

    • Gerri

      Eeek… sorry bro. that would have made my night shit too

    • Crash

      Hobos are eating catwhichs tonight!

    • ghostofmlg

      great way to finish off a Friday night – by finishing off a cat! Lucky you!

    • SANTA

      your going to hell…murderer

      • Imzkid



      Here kitty kitty! *Thump Thump* Good Kitty.

  • Kenton

    #16 A paper McDonalds bag with handles? Mind blown.

  • jax

    why arent there any DOG only posts?
    Come on. I know you guys want those

  • @patriciacanesso
  • Dallas

    Jason David Shapiro, well done for getting a degree where you got to study pussy all day.

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #11 lol how cute, I do like cats.. love cat Saturday

  • etcrr

    #20 they told I could e anything I wanted, so I decided to be a banana

    • just the facts

      You're not smart enough to be a banana,

      • only sayin' like

        you are too nasty to be a banana

    • No, no, no

      You decided to be a retard.

  • LuvsHorror

    #11 Photoshopped

  • DrtBkeChivette

    #1 …Me right now not wanting to work on my essay when I should be at the beach on this gorgeous Saturday in California.

  • Nailers

    Multiple degrees in cat psychology? How many can there be?

    • hammers

      @ the international association of cat psychology you could do a degree there, it takes only 9 lives to complete 😉

  • LucretiusCarus

    How many cats does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    • caturday fan

      eh ..none of course they get their Purrson to do it..

    • LucretiusCarus

      Crap–that wasn't what the post was supposed to be. I somehow f'd it up.

      Damn. Was supposed to read:

      How many cats does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      Who f'in cares? Cat Saturday Sucks.

      • MonkeyMadness

        But yet you keep coming back in here.

        • LucretiusCarus

          You say that with such incredulity. Do you also stare in wonderment every morning when the sun comes up?

          Cat Saturday sucks.

  • ghostofmlg

    #23 Slam the lid, start the hot cycle!

    Hate cats, they are the second most useless creatures on the planet – after the French. Monster in Law gave my kids a cats each 10 years ago as X-Mas gifts. Goddamned things will not die, won't run away from home no matter much I kick them. Cats are evil.

    • hatershater

      I'd much rather see your head in that dryer. That would brighten up my day. Evil fkers like you should not breed. Your inlaws probably thought why won't this a$$hole die?

    • Dr. Evil

      Going after something smaller and weaker than you, that says a lot about you, you piece of garbage.

      Your kids and wife have nothing but the utmost pity from me. I personally hope when your wife gets sick of your shit and calls the cops on you, they take you somewhere secluded so you can, "resist arrest".

    • Jeffro

      What do your kids think when you kick them? You should be beaten for many reasons.

    • ATouchofInsanity

      I am a very happy cat owner. She's going on 11 years this June and I hope she has 11 more years because she's the best cat ever. She once saved 2 baby birds that fell out of their nests by bringing them to our front porch without a scratch on them and waiting with them until I got home and called the local bird refuge to come and pick them up. If my cat hadn't been there, those baby birds would've died. Now…is that stupid or evil? Hell no. Go to hell, troll.

  • sassygurl129

    don't understand why cat/animal haters come to check out caturday if they dislike it so much. why are ppl so negative and mean and try to spread it and ruin other's days? if you hate life so much go off yourself. If you want to check humps and tits there's pornhub for that. you ppl can learn something from honorable and humble ppl like "the amazing man" Sir Nicholas Winton.

    • gimletmike

      Most of them probably aren't cat/animal haters, but simply sad, pathetic trolls desperately in need of some attention. They get their jollies thinking that they are so "funny" making negative comments. Don't let em get to you, just keep calm and chive on!

    • melowman

      Well said gimletmike, haters gonna hate, it doesn't matter what is on here. Keep up the positive attitude sassy.

  • Salvador Carmona

    #23 insert pussy washing joke here.

    • big fella

      #23 insert warm cosy pussy joke here..

  • Dylan

    #4 I LOL'd

  • Chuck

    Eat a dick asswipe.

  • nightlock

    #11 is a dream come true.

  • Dr. Evil

    "One guy, one jar, I wonder what that is? NOOOOOOO!"

    "They suspect nothing! Noottthhiinngg!"

  • Brian Johnson

    #21 would make me shit my pants everytime i walked into that room

  • Katie Davis

    Love love.

  • katastrophe89

    all of these were funny, but #16 and #23 made me BUST UP laughing

  • mel

    Watch out for all the dog crazy lovers and their endless jars of peanut butter

  • Ispeakchive

    #14 "Be honest with me, does this collar make my head seem more spherical? "

  • S.Freud

    Then you pay their bills, dipshit.

  • Gallus

    #18 – What is that wild cat? It seems to be a lynx. Once again, those tabbies can be glad there is glass between them and that wild cat. Look where the paws meet on the glass. The wild cat's paw appears to be more than twice the size of the tabby's. In a fight, the wild cat would most likely shred both of the tabbies. One of the dangers our domestic cats face.

    #22 – Yup, both my cats. It is amazing to see the places where they decide to nap. They often just drop on the floor, wherever they are, and start to sleep. It's cute, but I have to watch where I walk.

    • KayakAggie

      #18 is a bobcat. Amazing hunter but small for a wild predator. Seen a few here in the hill country of Texas.

    • Lisa

      It is a bobcat. And it would do one of two things to a house cat.

      1) If the bob is male and the house cat is female and in heat, it'd F the hell out of it and the kittens would be worth a TON of money especially if their tails were naturally bobbed.
      2) It'd kill the house cat and eat it.

      Nature is a bitch some times. That's how it goes.

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