Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

Do you have so many cat questions? Jason David Shapiro is a cat expert. He holds multiple degrees in cat psychology, send him your cat questions and photos of your cat on twitter here.
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  • XXX

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  • alvaradoleon

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  • Candy

    There are enough cat pictures on the web for there not to be repeats.

  • Bill

    #6 MOAR PLEASE! I may need to rub one out!

  • Tom

    #18 is a BOBCAT outside the glass! Here in VA, a bobcat will kill a housecat and eat them…happens every now and then. My housing subdivision lost 3-4 cats a few years back to a bobcat. One lady heard her cat killed and came out to find the bobcat eating her pet!

  • @petes117

    #14 I'm not over-weight, I'm under-tall

  • Richard

    #11 – Photoshop much?

  • Hannah

    A) brian is a dick.
    B) Where can I get multiple degrees in cat psychology??

  • Kenny

    #26 Look like panther cubs, probably grown big enough to bite your balls off by now!

    • ATouchofInsanity

      Actually, those are jaguar cubs…jags come in both spotted and black. Cute lil' babies that I really wouldn't want to raise

  • Scott Minifie

    BAHAHAHAHA!!! What a goddamn drama queen!!!

  • ATouchofInsanity

    Unsuccessful Troll is unsuccessful

  • yomomma

    #6 what a strange thing to photoshop

    • yomomma

      i meant #5 not six

  • J Kyle

    Multiple re-posts. But 23 & 26 = awesome!

  • Mickey

    It irks me that I've sent cool pics here that haven't been posted, yet I see numerous pics that have been shown multiple times….

  • Ispeakchive

    Big Hairy Pussy Saturday

    • so do I


  • Rubes27

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    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • jerry busey

    Youre a putz mister

  • Cat hater

    I hate cats

  • Claire Hesselbäck

    I love cat saturday!

  • Not Bono

    #17 Shakespeare cat says: "a rose by any other name smells just just a sweet."

    • Prison Mike

      You fucked up

  • YouNoMe

    #23 As your local appliance repair guy: Eff' Whirlpool and specifically "Cabrio" -You know how many times I have crawled over, into, around, flipped over to fix this overpriced piece if crap with a promise of pussy in return??? You ain't foolin' me again!!!

  • pachmarhi

    i love animals especially cat and dog

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