The performer is Tyler Gregory, stellar guy and a big character around Lawrence and Manhattan, KS. http://tylergregorymusic.com/fr_journal.cfm. That's his website if you want to show your support.

  • KevinW

    The performer's name is Tyler Gregory Spreer, the man is a truly talented musician and a great human being. check out some of his music!

  • Marshall

    there are still good people in this country.

  • salmon

    My little cousin kathryn was is severly autistic and music when she was young was something that would open her mind and realize that she wasnt alone in this world. There is definately something in my eyes friggin pollin!

  • jhowton

    that was just all around…good. i smiled the whole time

  • Chris

    Wait?? a street performer with talent?

  • charlie

    This just made my day, KCCO

  • 3 fan

    how touching. God bless that mother. She has her hands full.

    and to those downplaying this, you should drop to your knees and beg God that your children don't have autism. It's a life wrecker to the whole family.

    • tcja4

      Yes, she's strong. But it isn't a life wrecker. I have a son with autism and it has just given our lives a different perspective we didn't have before. I'm sure you'll find the occassional parent who may agree, but the majority of parents know that this isn't a death sentence to relationships. It's like with all things in life; it all depends on how you look at it. Now I'm off to make some yummy lemonade!

  • thrillho

    The power of music!

  • dragon

    Forrest Gump?

  • Justice

    Thank you Chive for sharing this. My heart goes out to this child, his mother and the street performer. Just a beautiful moment.

  • Jeremy

    What is this odd lump in my throat…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.nelson.758 Angela Nelson

    A little patience and compassion goes a long way for people with disabilities

  • SMK

    This is a great video, props to performer for being so good with the boy. That's awesome! Just goes to show you, you can't judge a book by its cover. Bravo my friend…

  • Guest

    I don't get it? Some parents need to keep their kids on their leash. Don't ruin music because you couldn't make your one night stand wear a condom

    • Marty

      You are a small, sad, coward of a human being.

    • SGH

      First and probably only time I'll ever post a comment here. You're a piece of shit.


    • http://www.facebook.com/nick.morris.948 Nick Morris

      Like SGH, I Chive daily but don't post. You are truly an ignorant fuck. I'll get some satisfaction just knowing that you're too narrow minded and pathetic to benefit from the goodness of videos like this. Shitheel.

  • Marty

    Gems like this is why I chive every day.

  • Victam



    I say find this guy and give him a shirt

  • https://www.facebook.com/chuck.velie Chuck Velie

    The power of music. Incredible!

  • Jonathan

    What am I missing that everyone else seems to be getting? It was very awkward to watch.

    • IMHO

      No worries, Jonathan. It will start to make sense when your emotional age turns the corner from 2 year-old to 5 year-old.

  • The Weekender

    What's so special about this? Lame.

  • derrybarry

    lump in throat – from the father of an autistic child, its not easy

  • SSMK

    Why do people always record their videos in portrait mode!!!!!!!!!! It's the absolute worst way to do so. You iPhone users need to get your shit straight.

  • sean

    anyone know the song hes playing?

    • John

      Midnight Special. It's a traditional southern song.

    • tcja4

      You can find it by Credence Clearwater Revival

  • Glaspotron

    That even made a misanthrope like me choke up. Jesus Chive, well done. Sending this out to some folks that need to remember to appreciate the little things in life.

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