please tell us they've had too much vodka…

  • Nick

    You could definitely survive that fall. Just roll.

  • Skin


  • kimera

    are anyone else's hands incredibly sweaty after watching this?

  • james

    This is how the Russian men's gymnastic team trains. They should do well this year on the performing at high altitudes category.

  • coolstory

    in soviet russia….

  • no toys?

    attention parents.. this is what your kids will be doing if you take away xbox and thechive.com

  • http://youtube.com/user/perryinjax perryinjax

    And these are the same people that we hoped would not push the nuclear button during the cold war just because it "wasn't logical"?

  • Roger

    Someone buy these guys an xbox

  • Яго

    Заебись, четко. Чиво он фром Россия

  • 2BR02B

    Holy Hamhocks Batman! I'm an adrenaline junkie and this still made my heart leap into my throat! Props to the survivors.

  • jojoleb

    is anyone else sweating profusely just by watching this ?

  • Gabriel

    Definetly on crack ^^…but RESPECT!!! THEY GOT BALLS OF STEEL

  • ulysse

    Awesome! They have balls! I have seen other videos on YT on the same tower, but this one is the craziest!
    With the wind, it's harder and colder! Respect!

  • CiCiBaN

    Bog mu podari zivto,mozak i sve normalno…a on pravi budalu od sebe…jednog dana cu i da pukne greda…ali nema veze…sta je tu je…onda ce stvarno biti veselo 😛

  • ichive

    These guys are pussies. In case no one remembers, Harold Lloyd did this in the twenties (all those silent films where the guy is walking on girders above NYC) without a safety net AND with missing fingers on his left hand.

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