Cute girls wearing stupid hats (23 Photos)6598

  • Seldi84

    #3 #22 Are the cutest.
    #15 looks familiar but I don't know why.

    • thrannix
      • THE_Yanni

        Kate Micucci for those who who don't wanna go to imdb just to get a name

      • Seldi84

        She was in Bored to death & Scrubs, thanks that would have bugged me for ages.

        • Fallout86

          #3 is Alex Sim-wise I think

        • KyleGamgee

          She was a waitress in an episode of Weeds too. Her best stuff is her songs under the band name "Garfunkel and Oats" YouTube that for lulz.

          • TheChosenOne

            Their videos on YouTube are funny as hell!

      • Ned Ryerson

        i recognized her from Raising Hope

    • jdb5504


      • Brodie

        Does NOT like to be lied to

    • chrissy

      i have hats like that there not dumb to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not dumb or stupid

  • ChiveApprentice

    Can someone please explain these hats to me and why they are popular? I see them all the time.
    #7, #11, #16

    • freddy boy

      I will tell you if you tell me why my girlfriend's daughter has 90 fucking bottles of nail polish. 90

    • chrissy

      They are cute hats I love #16 I have one just like it I don't see the problem with them

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #22 uber cute!!!

    • mike

      the word uber is dumb. stop it.

    • Jeff

      Down vote for the use of 'uber'.

  • Curtis Vineyard

    silly hats only. no exceptions.

    • gek

      my spoon it TOO big!!

    • mooseknuckle907

      I'm feeling fat and sassy

    • Jesse James Caddell

      I'm the queen of france!

    • ElSuper Mercado

      My anus is bleeeding!

    • Matt Gabrielson

      Well played, sir.

  • Cal1

    #14 Awesome Lego being Awesome

    • Jammy

      My son would love playing with the Lego hat.

    • Dothan

      In what universe is LEGO stupid? No matter what, LEGO is awesome. Oh, wait. One exception, when it's a model of Bieber. That's is sheer blasphemy.

  • Huhhhhh

    If you have ever played ragnarok online you would find this completely normal

  • Babyfarts brother

    Wow, those are hats #1 #6 #17

    • Haha

      Uber funny

    • teh spraintz

      #17 Mine's a 99!

  • Rannnndeh

    #23.. she's asking for it

    • DoomsDayDub

      What a butt-head (bad dump dump da dah)

    • I hate cats

      Shes an idiot

    • Moknowsbest

      Butt head?

  • blue_bronco

    I can't wait for the next Royal Wedding to see the Royals out-do these

  • tapsnapornap

    I wasn't expecting this level of stupidity at all!!! #4 #5 #6 #17

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      A squid hat? Where in the hell do you get a squid hat?

      • tapsnapornap


  • Unfkngblvbl

    #10 What the fuck? Fashion is fucking stupid!

    • Saskguy26

      i swear some fashion designers are like "I can't believe I actually got someone to wear that, it was meant as a joke."

      • always fresh

  • Woody

    we need a "cute girls with nothing but a hat on" post…….. #8 = jailbait?

  • The boss

    who is #1? anyone tell me?

    • Calvin Huynh

      a TEENAGER from disney channel…

      • Leonel_LyL

        She's 19. It's all good. 😉

    • Dunny_

      Victoria Justice…from Nickelodeon.

    • Russ

      Looks a whole lot like Paula Garcés (Maria in Harold & Kumar). I spent a few minutes staring at her, trying to figure that out myself.

    • francisco

      Victoria justice, even though she's on nick she's 19. Fair game I say.

    • MforMadison

      Victoria Justice!

      • Lisa

        I think you may be Holly. If so, ma'am…truly…I think you're awesome. Congratulations on the baby. 🙂 You were a bright spot in my television viewing…that's saying a lot because I don't generally watch much t.v. The whole Alaska thing just rocked too. Elk really is awesome. I'd like it if you'd be my friend…even though it's just on the internet…lol

        I'm a female taxidermist in Colorado. I'm not replying with my Intense Debate profile because I don't want anyone who is following me to see this. Here is me though: There's a link in there to my facebook.

        Even if you aren't Holly, after looking at your ID comments, you're cool. Mellow. Non-judgmental. Good job. 😉 KCCO hun. 😉

    • boxoe

      victoria jistice

    • fimkinthen

      it looks like victoria justice to me…

  • Underbaker

    #19 I'm sure she gets great satellite reception.

  • Testing

    Hey baby, nice hat. It would look better on my bedroom floor.

  • not sure

    #11 Pedo bear


      too OLD!

  • Malicious

    Hello #1

  • dustinkern

    #14 can wear whatever hat she wants.

    • You're Pretty Dumb


  • echogeo

    Find this model for the redhead post.

    • torqued

      i dont think it is but she looks like the wild girl from game of thrones that snow captured

      • Oregon Chiver

        i was thinking the same thing

  • Timmy Timothy

    #6 although I love redheads this one is what makes me elieve all of them are crazy.

  • BostonRugger

    #9 Did this really need to be a GIF?

  • mike

    #4 I'm down for a squid hat and all….but from a half block away or more this would probably look more like a Klan hood than a silly squid hat.

  • jeremy

    #12 don't care…still'd have sex

  • tv_paul

    #23 Butthead

  • Chris

    More of #4 Please!!

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