Future lower back problems are a cause worth supporting (45 Photos)

  • Not Sure

    #27 Find him?

    • GrayDog

      Her. Christina Ianelli.

      • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

        Mr GrayDog, why thank you! we have found new fap material.

    • trollfont


  • TokyoFace

    #38 .. more of her please

    • https://www.facebook.com/david.lawson.180625 David Lawson

      A lot moar please

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      chivette of the week material 🙂

      • sweetchivette

        she's a hottie ❤

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #22 MOAR please!! I ❤ FLBP!!!

    • BabyFart's Brain

      Check out my little heart! I am totally the new etcrr! Spam spam spam all day!

      • Beefcastle

        true, ive never seen this babyfart guy post anything of use

      • cereal

        so true. so true.

    • Chris

      All of these ladies are beautiful and delicious.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #6 MMMMM.. Love me some Kim K

    • BabyFart's Brain

      Spam spam spam all day!

    • Brian

      Kourtney…way hotter




      BUT KCCO

    • Dan

      Proof positive that hotness isn't everything.

    • Jake

      Fame whore. Your sex tape wasn't even that good.

    • bro

      yall are some judging ass little girls. doesnt change the fact that shes hot as hell

      • Ned Ryerson

        exactly. every guy here if given the chance would jump all over it. yeah, she's a spoiled, fame craving dipshit. she's still got a smoking body!

    • TeensTasteYummy

      She's nasty..I'd rather have her younger sisters Kylie and Kendall…mmmm

      • dave

        ok pedobear . . .

      • goatpunch

        aren't they like 15 there, pedobear?

    • Lockdown

      Can we see the backside?

    • smokehouse

      Too many black ones been in there

    • Tommy-gun

      If someone gets famous for doing nothing but being attractive I can think of oh a hundred thousand chivettes who should be in her place instead of her dimply ass. She is disgusting. As a side note, thank you flbp's you have contributed to my future base of shaft problem! I salute you! Uh literally, not figuratively…. Ok maybe a little figuratively…

      • Lotus

        This post is about bodies not personalities. She has the best overall figure out of any girls posted, and definitely belongs here. Even so, most of the girls that submit here, do so for attention, and most would take her fame & fortune in a heartbeat. Everyone knows she is famous for nothing, but she still has a great body, you really can't justify complaining about that.

    • Chester

      I'm sick of this cow.

    • Bugs

      She does have some impressive quads to support the oversized breasts. Never mind, she's still the worst kind of opportunist. There is a special place at TJ Max for her whole family.

    • lame

      99% of chivettes are way hotter than that talentless chick

      • Lotus

        Bodywise, no. The whole package, hell yes.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    Annnd #10 HOLY JESUS!!! And I'm done!

    • Ned Ryerson

      poor Denise Milani….she's gonna be crippled in a few years with those damn things.

      • MattyD

        No she wont, her titties are 4 sizes smaller now with her fitness. She is not what she once was. She is Now a part of the "Would you?" category.

    • Baxpin

      Those straps are screaming for mercy.

      • Si1entStatic

        no kidding, she's gonna have permanent indents on her shoulders from those straps.

        • Guest


  • Trav1121

    #1, #10, #15, #27, #32 Fantastic gallery all around! Holiday Mondays and FLBP = Great day!

    • Web2992

      I concur. Other than the fact I'm 97% sure #27 is a dude.

      • Trav1121

        Yeah… Was supposed to be #26 anyways. Too many to keep track of! Lotta good ones today.

        • punkrockmohawk

          Eh, I'd still bang him/her…

  • kccoinBC

    #3 wow, washington chivette, looking hot! How 'bout some moar for your fans to the north ??

    • Guest

      Yes, for fapping purposes.

    • Always Last

      Rock on Rugby Grrl!! Kudos for the the SCOW score!! Don't listen to the trolls………..

    • https://www.facebook.com/clinton.j.kelley Clinton James Kelley

      All jokes, bullshit, and childish joles aside. She stands out like a clue from all the rest of the Chivette's….in my humble opinion. Just something about her, she's something else.

      • SLCCO

        She the girl next door, with a European twist. Not sure how she could possible be more attractive.

        • bob

          Not just your average attention seeking ho. Attention seeking ho of the month.

          • ken

            lol – and points to her for not telling us that her boyfriend just "dumped" her.

    • roadhog0

      I live in WA. I gotta start keeping my eye out more for her. She is hands down the best Chivette of the week!

    • yherth

      Hot hell yes! But who would want to wake up to a severed deer head every morining?!!

  • Trav1121

    #38 Find and Moar pls! Just gorgeous!


    #33 Minding those gaps

    • Anon

      Middle and girl to her right are hotttt

      • Doug

        The tall, blonde one is Andressa Urach. Brazilian model and dancer.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      FLBP & CCTD all at once.
      (Current Camel Toe Display)

    • dan

      are they pornstars? The one on the left end looks like Lisa Ann.

  • A.S

    #44 moar

    • Mr X

      Mya Jane. You're welcome

      • Orcslayer

        thank you. you made my day

    • Wondering

      Man jaw! Hmmm?

    • Guest


    • Curt

      This girl is a hip hop model
      Like, SMOOTH magazine, Black Men,
      publications like that. Her name is " .(Somethin') Black"
      I think.

  • antcruz

    #11. LOCATE!! This was an epic post that is going to make today feel a little less Monday-ey

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    Would impregnate.

    • Brian

      Doubt it.

    • guy who knows stuff

      Sophie reade
      have fun on google

    • TommY

      Probably wouldn't be the first though……

  • maboze1x

    #33 Also some camel toes… #32 Nice #35 very nice! #36 FTW!

    • iheartboobs

      #35 and #36 win it for me!

  • TylerG_76

    #36 My jaw has dropped and stayed on the floor.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Really? To me, this chick looks as crazy as a shithouse rat.

    • Next

      Fake tits bro

    • sqott

      Playmate Jessa Hinton

    • Dave

      Moar please maybe wet t-shirt? 😉

    • optimus

      Look at her shoulders – all bone, no meat at all. Girl needs to eat a bacon double cheeseburger, pronto!

  • Giants Fan

    Chive, you complete my monday morning! Oh and #21 MOAR!!

  • Rannndeh

    #34 yeaaa, you bite that bewb

    • reaperMEDIC

      #34 I don't know what you're doing there, but you're doing it right!

  • Web2992

    In the words of the great Ricky Bobby "please be eighteen" #5

    • Onlooker

      Great GAP there too

    • STL

      haha i know her

      • Guest

        and you are keeping all that to yourself???

        • Always Last

          No, it's lying.

  • rick

    #30 made tilt my head to the right

    • Anon

      More bikinis should look like this.

    • lexus

      Not only head tilted to the right

    • Ryu Ken

      hottest girl of the year so far, gorgeous face and AU NATURALE BABY- what a knockout!

      • teh spraintz

        Absolutely! I never thought I'd say this but… find her!

  • Web2992

    #34 #40 thank you for keepin it classy ladies

    • Notme

      #40 Looks like they play for the home team

    • brian

      and guys are supposed to be the perverts huh


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

    • PinkMember

      Pushing a foreign web site not cool

      • sweetchivette

        i agree…go kill ur self peater and james

        • dirtychiver

          your name sucks as hard as you do at parties sweetchivette.

  • steve

    #27 jesus christ if those were my airbags i would wreck my car on purpose just so they would hit me in the face

    • Cutta

      Damn, I swear it just moved!

    • NebraskaGuy

      That has to be the funniest comment I've read in a long time!

      … and I would have to agree!

  • Luca

    #30 #42 #14 Absolutely stunning, and it's not just their chests.

    • f1junkie

      #14 needs to lose the oversize glasses but other that that just fantatstic

      • sorry, ur number?

        She's Russel Westbrook's sister

        • shynola


  • https://www.facebook.com/david.lawson.180625 David Lawson

    #22 that smile is kiiler

    • http://www.facebook.com/dave.sanders.73307 Dave Sanders

      I loved the way they seemed to just pop out and suddenly expand like they had lives of their own.

  • dabeut

    Good start to a Monday morning!

  • Timmy

    #35 Rate it.

    • Notme

      Very clever (but unfortunate) use of props

    • Maynard B.

      Need more of you.

      • JohnMcClane_

        More indeed…

    • Guest

      She need two hands on that camera!

    • elms

      i new i recognized her "face" KROQ's Miss Double December 2011, Christine M.

    • Jig

      10 out of 10

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