Madison Gregory paints ‘Where the Hell is the Whiskey?’ (12 HQ Photos)

Last year, a broke college student named Madison Gregory painted his favorite scene from Dumb and Dumber and sent it to theCHIVE. Go West, Lloyd became a viral internet sensation and thrust Madison into the national spotlight.

Madison's ability to create immediately recognizable yet nuanced stills from films with his thick brush strokes has made Madison the preeminent painter of film scenes in the world. His work has been commissioned by art collectors from Berlin to Malta. Prints of his work are wildly popular these days as well.

For the past six months, Madison has wanted to return to his humble roots at theCHIVE to paint a piece from one of my favorite Murray films, Lost In Translation. It's called Where The Hell Is The Whiskey?

Madison flew from NY to LA to stay at my place last week and craft the Murray. It took 7 days to finish and if you stopped by our offices (hint: with beer) you probably got a sneak-peak. Here's the making of Where The Hell Is The Whiskey?

Madison's website.

Prints of all Madison’s amazing work are available on his website.

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  • Steven Mosley


    that looks amazing

    • Spotts

      MAKE IT A NEW BFM SHIRT…. WTFITW – Where the F' is the Whiskey.

    • yup

      You sheep buy up all this shit… even tho it is basically stolen from other artists… Hell they even steal Banksy's shit… These guys dont give a shit about those artists or you… they are just making bank on exploiting this self generated online sub culture…

      Yes… yes I feel better now…

  • an artist


    Kid's got some serious talent

  • mars


    that scene is friggin hilarious. one of my favorites

  • fotnot

    #11 Would love to have that on my wall!

  • Rannnndeh

    #11 WOW!! Great painter! Great talent!

  • who?

    Who farted?

  • DrewskiDrew

    Pure awesomeness!!

  • Marc Stewart

    That is absolutely amazing! Can i have one?

  • AtlChiver

    This is just so different than my life. #8

  • noegod

    as a fellow painter, I admire his skill, talent and technique.

  • Tommy

    Awesome work, brother. Please paint over Streeter and Amir next please. Tired of their "funny" faces.

  • echogeo

    Finally, an artist is recognized for his talent while he's still around to bask in the glory.
    Kudos to you, Madison.

  • IM_ON_A_B0AT

    Well done Madison.. well done. #12

  • 'Merica

    Unlike the brilliance of your comment.

    • 'Merica

      If you think that is what made your comment lack brilliance…

      • Dude

        so… you guys gonna fight or what? I just made popcorn…

    • You're Welcome

      The comment read: "This is brilliant at it's finest" Take it like a man, don't delete in shame. KCCO!

      • You're Pretty Dumb

        So sad.

        • You're Pretty Dumb

          You are the guy who posts uninteresting comments that are barely better than "First". You're just taking up space on the first page. Congrats. KCCO!

          • You're Pretty Dumb

            Let it go buddy. It's just getting worse!

            • B!!!

              Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays!

            • You're Pretty Dumb

              And it continues. Dude, it's just my opinion that if you fuck up your comment and start to take a little ribbing, you should just man up and take it, rather than waste another spot on the first page with the comment as you had hoped it would be.

              • 'Merica

                Guess that is a victory. Just make better posts Dusty! KCCO!

            • Dave

              Wow, I'm embarrassed even reading this!

              • luke

                hate it when they delete them…

  • lgnlgn

    Anticipating his Lebowski prints.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Can't go wrong with BFM

  • Warren


    i was lucky enough to meet him a couple saturday's ago when I barged into the chive offices with my girlfriend. It was half finished and still looked amazing. All the chivers were so nice too, they actually give a shit about their fans. thanks for the brews!!!!

  • Timmy Timothy

    #6 can we get The Kramer next?

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      i'd pay a shitload for a "The Kramer" print. Cash too.

    • @McBeastie666

      Kramers been done, and you can probably get it at Spencer's Gifts (if any of those are still in business), I'd vote for another original painting.

  • Woody

    i like Bill

  • Joe

    Oh my god it's bill fuckin Murray

  • FBFM

    #11 would make a good pistol target

    • MonkeyMadness

      Your mother would make a good pistol target.

  • Logan Slogan

    Sweet when will this be on a shirt that is impossible to buy?!?!? I kid, kid of course. Small quan-titties of the shirts continue to make them mystical and a hot item. Sweet painting btw, when will we see the official meeting of Bill and the bros. Chive?

  • 'Merica

    You're a douche and you know why. You sure it's not brilliant at its finest? KCCO!

    • 'Merica

      Thanks Dusty!

  • Fuang

    For relaxing times, make it Suntory time

  • 01001011

    #8 Those jeans are terrible

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