Madison Gregory paints ‘Where the Hell is the Whiskey?’ (12 HQ Photos)

Last year, a broke college student named Madison Gregory painted his favorite scene from Dumb and Dumber and sent it to theCHIVE. Go West, Lloyd became a viral internet sensation and thrust Madison into the national spotlight.

Madison's ability to create immediately recognizable yet nuanced stills from films with his thick brush strokes has made Madison the preeminent painter of film scenes in the world. His work has been commissioned by art collectors from Berlin to Malta. Prints of his work are wildly popular these days as well.

For the past six months, Madison has wanted to return to his humble roots at theCHIVE to paint a piece from one of my favorite Murray films, Lost In Translation. It's called Where The Hell Is The Whiskey?

Madison flew from NY to LA to stay at my place last week and craft the Murray. It took 7 days to finish and if you stopped by our offices (hint: with beer) you probably got a sneak-peak. Here's the making of Where The Hell Is The Whiskey?

Madison's website.

Prints of all Madison’s amazing work are available on his website.

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  • Jessica Condrey

    #11 Japanese Photographer- "Are You Drinking? "
    Bill Murray- "As soon as I'm done"

  • Maureen

    Well balls that cool

  • McintyreClaude

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  • Perkins Maxwell

    (a) AWESOME painting
    (b) how about theChive auction that off for charity?

    I'm sure Chivers would pay a lot for that and the money would go to a great cause! Say, any of the chivers we've supported who are struggling with cancer.

  • Matt

    Great job Madison, you have a bright future ahead of you. I'm excited to see your continued success grow and grow. You have a wonderful painting talent

  • Ispeakchive

    #1 -12 I was very happy to see this Chive, and very surprised because about a week ago I decided to paint this very image and I would have undoubtedly submitted it, so I'm glad you posted this when you did or I would have seemed to be a tail-coating jerk. Well done Madison, great minds think alike.

  • ichive

    My kid can paint better crap with the shit in his diapers. Give this "artist" some crayons and send him back to "art" school.

    • KSMO

      maybe u should stop letting your kid paint with his own crap, that does not sound sanitary. And maybe cut back on the hater-ade as well, its unbecoming.

      come back when ur kids getting all kinds of exposure, and making money doing what he loves. (hopefully he grows out off the crap smearing faze, i don't think people will embrace it in the same way)

    • KC & Chill On

      You mad bro ?

  • Chris

    You guys do a great service brnniigg attention to our military. In a time when they seem to get vilified at every turn, you honor them for maintaining our freedom. We should be thanking you.

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