Some real, some fake: hot girls and planes (76 Photos)

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  • ZXC

    I don't always post on The Chive but when I do I post first.

  • Taylor

    76 less 75? Only see one pic here.

  • Rich

    Epic fail

  • bdr

    Guys, when it says that it is posted in "The Brigade" then you should probably check in "The Brigade" before posting "Epic fail" or things like that. Yes I know its dumb that ya have to do that but if ya wanna see it that's what ya gotta do, just keep calm and chive on!!

    • RDMR

      It seems like an "epic fail" when the link takes you to the wrong photo post in the Brigade. If you are going to link to a gallery in the Brigrade, why not the correct one?
      Oh… now I get it! More navigation in the Brigrade generates more ad revenue. You guys know how to run a web site like a BOSS! Well done. Chive on!

  • Tony Kayala

    This hurts my penis when this happens.

  • BkdGds

    i've been settled for this one pic

  • Gggggg

    Fuck you brigade. Fuck you.

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