Supersize my gap (30 Photos)

  • Babyfart Magizax

    #30 supersize my gap?! Yes please!!!!

    • Chris

      I wonder what % of men are blessed with a women who looks like this.

      • scott

        3% of Men but 100% of Douchebags

        • Chris

          should we start acting more douchy?

    • The Truth

      #27 as well!!

    • jreddy23

      pretty apparent that TheChive should never do this post again w/o the "High-Res" tag…pretty impressive!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      that's not fair to only see pics of that…in person would be best…


      • twoedges

        That would require you to leave your mom's basement.

  • Rannndeh

    #20 LOVE that hump OH MY GOD!

    • Ned Ryerson

      looks like someone else loved it enough to put a dollar in there too

      • Phalkon

        I would put ALL of my dollars in there!

        • iheartboobs

          I would put something else in there!

          (its my penis)

      • Berticus

        Phil?! Phil Connors!?

    • Logan Ouderkirk

      straight sexy

    • yuuuuuup

      gotta love those stretch marks

    • Master_Rahl

      gotta love those dimples

  • Jeff

    #8 can I help you clean up?

    • MattyD

      This is my kids pre-school teacher. She lets the kids finger paint on her canvas every Wed.

    • Seattlechiver

      Not sure about the finger paint comment below…but could it be you were at Day Glow this last weekend?

    • Dr_Fap

      I love the pic and the ass, but I am just not too sure about the brown paint that is in the crack. Once you see it…

    • Devlin745

      When a clown has her period it's very messy…

  • Jeff

    #9 What I'd give to see that shot from the opposite side!

    • Lu Lu Fama

      I know that bikini…fama

      We need a hump shot!!!

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      I was stuck on 9 for a while…. Wow……….

    • ernie

      Can I, Cum In?

      • Jake

        I see what you did there! But I agree we need a shot from the other side of that, make it camel toe Tuesday!

        • look_at_you


    • Martin

      If it fits, it ships.

    • Buck

      Nobody else is bothered by the HUGE box labeled "Jewlery" right in front? Is this a subliminal message? Is this saying large amounts of jewlery spreads legs? …If so, I'm on my way to Jared's!

      • LukeTheTerrible

        I'm more bothered by the fact that she can't spell "Jewelry".

    • Panigale

      I thought.her rib cage was her boobs at first.

      • vmzwolf

        id love to see that shot from the other side

    • Lds

      I would easy send this chivette a KCCO shirt for view from the other side.

    • kmorrill4

      Preach it Brotha!!!

    • haagandbag

      not fair!

    • Pinkyrules

      Number 9 oh yes

  • JJA

    #10 my gosh does she have balls in there?

    • stef

      lol..I thought the same thing.

      • anony

        shes gotta shave the bush… stef, wanna make out?

        • stef

          No anony I decline your offer, for I am actually male. Stef=Stefan. Sorry bro….unless in fact you are female then yes I would….and I love lesbians.

      • Ryu Ken

        It's called a mound you dolts, and it's the most attractive kind of poonanny-

        • mounds dont

          proper term is "mound of venus". sounds sexy an' all

    • Matt Miller

      or maybe that's just some meaty lips… nom nom nom

      • Rakk1616

        Meat curtains….ugh

    • Meat & Taters

      Seriously? Y'all are thumbing down our distain for obese, meaty, chewed upon, fucked sideways, swollen, old man-ball-style labium. That's what's wrong with this goddamn country.

    • its_forge
  • Jeff

    #16 well hello Maggie!

    •!/Maggie_mcMay maggiemay13

      well hello, Jeff.

      • Cum_bubble

        You just keep getting sexier! KCCO

      • Murray

        Maggie, we're out of peanut butter…again.

      • Guest

        Good Gap-A-Mighty!

      • chase

        if that's you, dear merciful lord, please submit more like that! that is phenomenal!

    • Gest

      Can't see the line, can ya, Russ?

    • p1ll


    • goatpunch

      this was the only pic on the list that stood out to me. Kinda took my breath away

  • Elbie

    Nice gallery! If anybody needs me I'll be up at #20

  • CowboyDebop

    holy high res, the chive never lets u down

  • filmguy2

    And on Monday he said, "Let There Be Gap," and there was gap.

    • @Thogert

      And it was good.

  • Morpheus

    #12 and #16…. oh yes, oh yes, OH YES!!!

  • Jeff

    #12 you just look so inviting. How do I accept?

    • rrsuperstar

      another perfect ass where do find such perfection chive on!!!

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Mind the gap and FLBP make my Monday morning deuce so much better.

  • Rich

    #3 boppa booey

    • Theguyinfrontofthetv

      Any idea what this lovely pink haired lady is called?

      • @bunkerpunkk
        • Ned Ryerson

          phew. for a second i thought of when chive trolled us with that similar pic of Sarina Valentina. thank god it's not her/him. this Jennie June is amazing!

          • goatpunch

            I thought the same thing! I was all, "not falling for this one again, chive!"

      • yodaddy

        jennie june according to Google

  • st33

    What's going on in there….?

    • Matt Miller

      talk about meaty… nom nom nom :p

  • big_james

    #1 One of the best Mind the Gap Mondays ever.

    • Shoofly

      That picture is actually a screenshot from an porno, girl's name is Leila. Might be on Youporn or something though.

  • Bob

    Boioioiingggg….. Those. Are. Nice.

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      I am Cornholio!

  • Stephen Manila


  • Saul Martinez

    #8 #20 give me moar

  • DigitalGuru

    This is heaven…

    • Ned Ryerson

      best one today. my god!

    • Swiss Chalet

      My thoughts exactly! Calling for MOAR!

    • LukeTheTerrible

      It's only heaven if you can touch…. Hell if you can't.

    • WooPig

      Yarp. MOAR

  • A.E.

    #14 represent! also, amazing hump

  • Yoga lover


    • Kevin

      Does anyone remember this girls name. I've seen it before. Thanks in advance

      • Martin_McFly

        Demi B with MET-ART.

  • Nate Woodard

    I have no idea how you all made it past #5

    • whyme1973

      Tis amazing.

      • JCFURY

        That's the winner for me too

    • usmc_chiver

      Because I couldn't take my eyes off #16

      • Master_Rahl

        yep, MaggieMay maintains a very high level of hotness. And she wears the KCCO shirt like a champ, a very sexy champ.

      • fck16

        what…..#5 is incredible. #16 is just someone who watches what they eat (somewhat), but never exercises. flabby and thin is the worst combo ever.

        • goatpunch

          no way, butts like that do not happen without working out a ton. I think she just has a unique shape to her legs and since the pic is far away, you are confusing that for flab. #5 is too small a pic. She might have a shaved head, or huge broad shoulders. Too close up to judge her right

  • Martin_McFly

    #29 Good Lord!

  • Lizard

    A nice way to start the week after a loss in the fam. Thanks Chive!!

    • Master_Rahl

      sorry about the loss, Lizard. Hopefully many many sexy ladies can keep your mind occupied.

    • Justin

      Sorry bout your loss too. Keep Calm & Chive On!!

  • swope

    My face needs to be there, #9

    • nope swope

      haha, my 19yr old brother took this shot…competition swimmer, so his legs are already shaved. All it took was a good tuck job, bottom of ribs sticking out to make it look like boobs, and a B.B. from his air gum above his belly button to finish the illusion.

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