Always find the quickest way to fix something (20 Photos)

  • AtlChiver

    #1 What exactly was the problem?

    • Brandon

      Clearly you have never tried to dunk the whole Oreo at once. They are trying to avoide putting your hand in the milk.

      • AtlChiver

        Of course I have dunked a whole Oreo! Am I the only one that uses the squeeze test to know when my Oreo has reached its perfect softness? Gotta get the fingers wet.

      • Cantaloupe

        I put the Oreo in my mouth and then pour in milk

    • HatBomb

      Fingers covered in milk and soggy oreo, its a waste, it's a perfect fix.

    • MickLAD

      If i saw someone doing that i would revoke their mancard and give them a man the f**k up bitch slap for good measure!!! Sissy

      • Shazam

        Steroids? Beaten your entire childhood by a military father? Obese? Buddies with the Jersey Shore cast? I'm trying to figure out why you'd say something so ignorant and stupid in an attempt to express how 'manly' you are, or something..

        • JeevesAMS

          I am sorry can you please explain to me why it is the the father that beats children is portrayed as a member of the military? Is that your opinion of men who go to die across seas? As brutal and sadistic men who beat their loved ones? If it is you need to revaluate some of your outlooks.

          • Shazam

            I've known many friends that had a rough childhood because their father had extremely high expectations and any sort of outburst or misguided behavior from their children had them beaten – yes. Things are different now, clearly, but years ago 'most' of the military men I have seen have been aggressive, angry, loud and violent assholes. I lost a good friend when he went into the military service.. he left being a funny, loyal and awesome friend.. came back strict, angry (stressed?) and an all-around asshole… and he was in the reserves. It does things to people.. some more extreme cases than others. I used what I said as an attempt to make a jab at the person.. not to belittle the men and women that die for our country. Maybe -you- need to 'revaluate some of your outlooks'.. it's theChive.

            • dam

              that escalated quickly

  • _ThisGuy_

    #13 That grill and bumper is the best looking part of that POS.

    • tapsnapornap

      Yeah, somehow that is a win, and the van is the fail.

    • ComicBird

      Clearly a carpenter's van.

    • mijo69

      Transforms into Jenga

  • Tulsa Chiver


    • luke

      you are a poor representation of tulsa

    • Tyrone

      Yo j roc that was stupid, dont ever say that again.

  • MylesofStyles

    #13 I hope this is just the beginning of what could be a really cool project.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #14 and then the house burns down

    • Sunny Lane


      • Firefighter23

        They prefer the term "mobile home"

        • luke

          They prefer "actual homes" but it just wasn't in the cards.

        • PC Police

          Pre-Manufactured House, is the current PC term

    • Juice66

      Clark… the little lights arent twinkling

  • graysquiral

    first bitches

    • Ricardo Romero Moreno

      lol, who's the bitch now?

  • first


    • Alpha0010


  • graysquiral


    • Whale

      Yep…you suck.

    • Grammar police


  • JAFitC

    #13. That's not what I meant by a woody.

  • Arturo

    1st to post! Woohoo Alejandra I love you for marrying me!

    • MattyDeuce

      She must hate herself

    • Alejandra

      While your enthusiasm flatters me, I cannot tolerate such douchey behavior. I am leaving you.

  • BabyFart MagiZax


    • RAAAAAAANDY w/ 8 A's

      imposter, you're just forcing me to create an account now buddy. why would I post this stupid shit, after already commenting on a photo??? you're retarded!


    #4 DISGUSTING!!!!

    • Doc

      I take it that you have never been to the middle east.

    • DaddyD

      Cone head?

    • prune

      well be honest you would rather the cone be there then not.

  • bigD


  • Mike Herechuk

    #14 cuz that seems safe…

    Ps screw calling out "first"

  • KayMan

    #14 is scary as hell

  • Maoam

    I don't get #20..
    And 14 is definitely hilarious

    • MOAR

      I would never trust my co-workers or friends to keep standing on that board.

    • Master_Rahl

      guy fixing the ship is standing on a plank weighted down by the 3 dudes on the left. that's probably not going to end well.

    • KeepinCalm

      look closer…the three guys on the left are keeping the guy on the right from having a really bad day.

    • MarthaJeane

      They're weighing down the plank he's standing on in order to reach the window over the gap.

      Bridging the gap, redefined again.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Do you get it now Maoam?….since it was explained four times. LOL

  • NOLA

    not sure what's going on in #10 and # 15

    • Master_Rahl

      look closely in the trunk, you'll see 2 guys holding those wheelbarrows. #15 looks like a central A/C unit weatherproofed by an umbrella. All in all, bad decisions, I think… but we can laugh, cuz it's not us.

    • Jtuck

      Two guys holding the wheel barrels in the trunk

    • Jtuck

      Two guys in the trunk holding the wheel barrels

      • SA dude!

        Only in SOuth Africa !

        • Steven Ray Kenney

          Gauteng Province lol

  • Jean R

    <img src=> what a delicious humor, Especially for some very very unearthly things<img src=>

    • Shirley


  • DemonDan

    #1 If you need a fork to eat an oreo, you have bigger problems my friend…

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #12 Redneck genius

  • YOLO!!!!

    #1 is a total game changer

    • ichive

      Only to those who don't have fingers, in which case they have bigger issues.

  • Acesevens

    Bro code at work, "we won't leave you hanging"., then they make a video for youtube as they jump off.

    • Jdh

      How many guys does it take to clean a window lol

  • Derp

    #17 Nice job making the chive New Haven, looking good

    • Brock-Steady

      Also love how its in front of the fire dept…

    • fhlipZero

      dammit i was so gonna take a picture of this!!!!!

  • @theterryburke

    i don't see a problem. if you're not willing to dip your finger tips in the milk, you get no oreos

  • Notknowing


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