Always find the quickest way to fix something (20 Photos)

  • xbod

    Brilliant! We'll use our giant orange dildo in its handy carrying satchel to hold up this dangerous stack of electrical plugs that have undoubtedly overloaded this circuit!

  • paul c.

    #21…Are they trying to get heat from the a.c. unit??

    • The Pict

      Really? That's what you got out of that picture?
      They're attempting to duct away the hot air generated by the A/C unit so it doesn't negate the cooling.

      • The Correct Pict

        Really, that's what you got out of that picture??!!! Nope. If you look behind the pic you can see the original fan is removed/burnt out. They put on another fan and covered it with an umbrella – guessing it is not water proof.

        Try not being such a jack@ss with your comments

        • dude

          really,he is talking about#12 there is no 21 and they are ducting the heat away.

  • paul c.

    #12 ment twelve

  • @Nonsanguine

    I may have done #11 before. Just sayin.

  • Applefish

    Hey guys, let's jump on 3! 1… 2… 3!

  • Saskguy26

    #14 "no your honour, i have no idea how the fire started"

  • Jay Dee

    Ashamed to say that I have done this. #9

  • pearlbullets

    I use a fork to eat my cheetos to avoid orange dust fingers. I'm also very, very fat.

  • dallastxbby

    #9 This is done by a lot of pregnant women.

  • ayoitsdk

    …and then you both realize that there are only 20 photos.

  • dahenkilla

    #7 could have used the divine intervention of that Cross on his jacket and figured out that the backrest on his bike was a much better/safer way to carry that tire…

  • Dan

    #1 I love dipping oreos again

  • tapsnapornap

    #7 may have just solved a particular inconvenience I'm facing. New Rubber, not mounted, at my place. My other vehicles are not pickup trucks, so I cannot bring both bike and tire in one trip…unless…lmao!!!

  • Nate Howe

    #12, I can think of at least 3 reasons why that won't work.

    • WillieBWright

      can we have the first two? and if you are right you get a third challenge

  • ilikegirls

    the people who say first shouldn't be aloud on chive

  • Nic Beck

    #20 welp that's lunch guy. Jerry, you coming? (splash)

  • Erik

    #1 so perfect for not having to stick your fingers in your milk.

  • maynardjames

    All neons should have had one of those in the trunk from the factory. That way you could have a way to get home when it broke down on a regular basis.

  • Viking

    #14 Clark Griswold

  • hangingattheback

    Here's another idea; GO ON A DIET FATASS!

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  • Guest

    #20 is a perfect setup for something from a comedy movie. Three guys: Hey, look over there! Girls! *leave* Guy on other side: *splash*

  • Rose

    #9 hope thats a dude

  • TonyM

    #20 Funny when the icecream van shows up.

  • svp

    #14 i said oh lord its a fire!!

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