Any fit girl fans out there? (36 Photos)

  • Tam

    #16 and #19 :0

  • Gary Piotrowski

    #6 just blew my mind

  • John Smith

    #10 and #16

  • bstone9928

    #16… perfection. I LOVE THEM ALL!


    #16 MOER!!!!

  • eww

    Girls with abs are gross

  • AndreLei


  • TEK

    #30 is amazing!! 😉

  • gymjunkie

    Im a chick and I think #30 is so hot!!! Im currently training and hope to be like her once I reach my goal 😀

  • Doctor_What

    This post is such a mixed bag… While some of these girls are fit, others are way well into "built" category. Then you have the other category, which is 'girls who are just wearing fitness clothes but have no fitness to speak of.'

  • Me1

    #5 #16 #29 are the only good ones because they aren't jacked. Ladies stop trying to look like a man

  • alex maroon

    i ❤ fit girls

  • bill

    wow #13 so hot.yummy,yummy,lick

  • Mike re

    2nd time seeing #14 & still can't find her, someone please.. And #16 too of course

  • chad

    Was that supposed to be a checklist for becoming a celebrity in America or a list of things you don't like about the chive? You seemed to change subjects part way through the list.

    How to be a troll
    1. post long, monotonous, self-righteous diatribes
    2) utilize frequent spelling mistakes
    3. you're a moron

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  • Paul

    I would like to fuck these girls

  • Anonymous

    Mot nahi lena

  • Anonymous

    sRk my best hero

  • Anonymous


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