Big shot kid with a belt learns not to mess with the humble street-cleaner (Video)

Sorry for the picture quality…

This video was shot by the bully’s older brother in Turkey. The story is that the street-cleaner man is a stutterer named Selçuk. The boy with the belt and his friends decided to make fun of the man and even began to physically threaten him. Selçuk eventually fought back and gave the bully boy 20 stitches on the head. The boy’s family initially went to the police to press charges, but just after the video got published on the web and attracted public attention, the family withdrew from pursuing legal action.

Another win for the oppressed man.

  • Hugh

    Why did the guy wait so long? When the kid leans forward into his face, it is time to unleash the shit-storm.

  • BUS

    i am so jealous

  • A Ron Hubbard

    His cries when he got nailed with the broom brought joy to my heart.

  • etcrr

    Hopefuly the "stupid Bully" Learns his lesson though I doubt it

    • Bill57

      i like the part where he hit him with the shovel cause the kid was going to hit him with the belt lol

      • Moron Troll

        You should take heed of the lessons taught in this video, Though I doubt it as you are as stupid as that kid

        • Bill57

          i like the part where you call yourself a moron troll cause your a moron with bullshit on your face troll

          • Moron Trolls

            You really are that stupid

            • Captain Crunch

              Don't forget to log back in, stantard

            • Bill57

              i was just making a comment to my friend you moron troll bullied your way into our conversating because your a moron troll big stupid

  • @Thogert

    I love how his brother didn't give any fucks and kept filming while his bro got his ass whipped.

    • NickDB

      Hopefully his brother thought the kid was a shmuck and needed to be taught a lesson. Why else would the video be released when it ruined their chances of suing?

  • Steve-O

    Stupidity should be painful. And in this case, it was.

  • dj münchen

    holy – what a mess

  • Palacius

    I loved the part where the tall pixel hit the short pixel with that huge pixel

    • Rupert

      I used to say the same thing about scrambled porn.

    • Jammy

      That made me laugh

  • Andy

    I wonder what is being said? Can anybody translate?

    • Jammy

      It went something like this

      Boy: How about I take this belt to you
      Man: Back up bitch
      Boy: I'm going to give it to you
      Man: You asked for it
      Stick: Crack Crack
      Boy: I'm a bitch don't hit me
      Stick: Whoosh
      Boy: Stop my skirt is falling down
      Stick: Whoosh
      Boy" I'm a biittccchhh, I'm a biiiiiitttttttttccccccchhhhhh

      • S.Freud

        Funniest shit I've read all day. FTW lol

    • Batuhan Orhan

      lb(little bitch) , stg (street cleaner guy)

      stg: go away
      lb: come on, hit me.
      stg: go away
      lb: don't you dare it?
      stg: go away. don't wanna hit you.
      lb: what's gonna be if i don't ?
      lb: i'll hit your back (with belt)
      stg: (same again) 🙂 don't mess with me. go away.

      he hits his back and action ! 🙂

      • Batuhan Orhan

        and he says "don't hit me bro it's ok" while running and crying 🙂

  • dues

    little Turkish shits. can't stand those people

    • s.Freud

      You've probably never met a Turk in your entire life, douche.

    • emre

      woow i am shocked how insightful you are!
      yep we are just like how you discribe us!
      and by the way you are not a little Turkish shit, you are a big Douche.


    He should have shoved the broom up the kid's ass!

    • Larry

      Would give him too much pleasure

  • Rick

    So y take the belt off instead of punching him? Do they normally take their clothes off in Turkey as a sign of aggression? If so I totally want to go to the beach and piss off some of the ladies.

  • MforMadison

    Such a little bitch! He deserved it!

  • lexus

    LOL that little bitch yelling at the end made feel proud

  • Steven B

    In america, everyone would have been sued, shit the camera company who made that god awful thing would have been sued…

    That little shit deserved it. The fact that he swung his arm like a little girl, then screamed like one after, shows he couldnt have done much harm really. I could only imagine the beat down if he had actually hit the man.

  • Kevin

    Little bitch

  • Biff T.

    The douches cries are even funnier the more you watch it. Good for the soul to see karma at work.

  • Lil John

    Perhaps he missed the part where the guy is carrying 2 big sticks? Def a knife to a gunfight situation.

  • TIM

    Haha..classic!! The best way to deal with a so called wanna be tough guy is to just kick their ass on the spot.

  • hahahahah

    just like everyone has already said.. i'm glad the little prick got what he deserved. That was hilarious!

  • noegod

    Serves him right! Then he runs off crying like a little bitch! Pfff! Typical bully, just a coward with no balls, picking on someone they think is weaker! What a bitch!

  • JBone

    Flawless Victory

  • Spork

    Idiot child. It's refreshing to see, though, that stupid really is a world condition and not just American.

  • Lolasaurus

    Serves that little shit right, let it be know to all other little shits in this world, never mess with grown ups, you'll end up getting fucked up.

  • Jammy

    You see if that was my kid I would have posted a response to that video showing me bitch slapping the hell out of him for a) disrespecting his elders, b) disrespecting me as his parent and the way I raised him, c) because bullies are bitches and just deserve to be drop kicked in the jaw.

    It takes more courage to do what's right then to do what's. His friend and brother need to be taught a lesson too.

    • Lolasaurus

      Bravo Jammy, would you agree that some laws preventing parents from slapping their children are too soft? for God's sake children belong to their parents, how they raise them is none of the law's concern within reason of course.

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