Big shot kid with a belt learns not to mess with the humble street-cleaner (Video)

Sorry for the picture quality…

This video was shot by the bully’s older brother in Turkey. The story is that the street-cleaner man is a stutterer named Selçuk. The boy with the belt and his friends decided to make fun of the man and even began to physically threaten him. Selçuk eventually fought back and gave the bully boy 20 stitches on the head. The boy’s family initially went to the police to press charges, but just after the video got published on the web and attracted public attention, the family withdrew from pursuing legal action.

Another win for the oppressed man.

  • noegod

    I hope his family beat his ass even more after they saw the video! The little shit probably lied to them about what happened, and that's why they tried suing. I know if I heard my boys were bullying someone…… Oh Man! Not in my family!

  • Stunt_Chicken

    More kids need an old fashioned beat down. Good job Selçuk.

  • Chantal

    I think the man should counter sue the entire family. Each one separately, mom for her influence, dad for his, kid should have to pay as well, make him clean the streets for free, and throw in the friends as well for good measure.

  • Andyrew711

    should've known he's from the streets!

  • Dan

    What kind of child (he appeared and definitely sounded like he was about 12) challenges an adult man, who just happens to be holding large blunt objects, with a fucking belt or at all for that matter.

    • Jammy

      The kind of people who throw stones at guys with guns…You know the dumb ones.

  • Leinad Odnucaf Azogaraz


  • Dennis

    … good! Bastard had it coming. Too bad he stopped. KCCO Selçuk !!

  • Dan

    That first 'CRACK' you hear when the broom handle breaks over the kids head is priceless, best thing I've seen all day. Keep up with the "belt kid" and "TEA AND FUCKIN CRUMPETS" type of videos, shit is hilarious.

  • Jezki

    Lmao!!! Love how he ran off crying…bahahaha

  • Brett Butler

    His squeals at the end made this worth it! He deserved it.

  • Alan Texas

    Man with broom-1
    Bitch with belt-0

  • Emzilla

    Did anyone else think he sounded like a little bitch kid BEFORE he started running away screaming?

  • Tom

    Flawless Victory!

  • Thebadger

    Big tough NOTHING KID………….I hate kids! They should be locked up until they are 30 – USELESS

  • mongoose5271

    Hopefully the kid's dad took HIS belt and whipped the shit out of the little punk for being such a pussy!

  • FuriusFu

    Hi guy´s, fellow chiver from Istanbul here.
    The video begins with the streetcleaner saying "My boy, get lost"
    He does so several times (maybe 10 times over)
    The little shit is repeatedly saying "What´s wrong? Come on, hit me! Don´t you dare"

    The real funny thing is, here in Turkey respect to ones elders is considered "holy" – has to do with turkish culture, qu´ran and shit… all pretty old fashioned, real annoying at times, coz you aren´t allowed to give reply back, or you get hit (I used to get regularly beaten by my parents…real hard)

    So if you watch the video from a turkish perspective (I find it AWESOME that it made the Chive!!!) you can really just watch in awe how f´ing stupid the little brat is and how increasingly pissed Selçuk is getting (the constant increase in volume – and near the end he says "God, pls give patience") – he loses it completely when the kid makes the hitting move

    I´m going to show it to all my peeps here, it´se rly hilarious!

    • S.Freud

      So, what are the chances that the little shit got the crap beat out of him by his parents?

      • FuriusFu

        Maybe, maybe not, can´t really tell, becaus turkish parents are protective as hell about their children … after all, only they are "legally" allowed to beat them up -.-

  • Big Mike

    F'ing kids now a days have no respect !! Serves the kid right !!

  • visitor

    Man says "go away boy" in Turkish

  • AkaL

    Haha, Moarrr

  • Ernesto Alonzo Garcia

    Its kids like him that make me embarrased to be the same species

  • bakgit!

    here is the translation + street cleaner – little bitch
    +boy, go away! (x2)

    -come on hit me again!
    -come on hit me ha! hit me!

    +go away, boy!

    -come on! hit me!

    +get off!

    -ha? what happened? can't take me on? ha! would I hit your back now? Why did you hit me? ha?

    +boy go away, go away!

    -what's gonna happen?

    +boy go away! you're too young, go away, ok?

    -so what? what's gonna happen?

    +god give me patience! patience, patience, patience…

    -come on!



    -ok! ok!

    -huaaaa! huaaaaa! huaaaaaa!

  • Nicnac

    Translation? What was his beef with the street cleaner exactly?

  • BenC

    The kid is obviously an idiot. If you are seriously trying to intimidate a person don't stand their looking like a puffed up flamingo with your head sticking out like a big target and your hands a place that they are useless in terms of defense.

    The kid deserved to get smack for for that alone. Well done good sir.

  • Lique Madik

    Chop his head off

  • bakgit!

    earlier, the douchebag boy mocked the street cleaner because he is stutter and the man slapped the boy.

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