Big shot kid with a belt learns not to mess with the humble street-cleaner (Video)

Sorry for the picture quality…

This video was shot by the bully’s older brother in Turkey. The story is that the street-cleaner man is a stutterer named Selçuk. The boy with the belt and his friends decided to make fun of the man and even began to physically threaten him. Selçuk eventually fought back and gave the bully boy 20 stitches on the head. The boy’s family initially went to the police to press charges, but just after the video got published on the web and attracted public attention, the family withdrew from pursuing legal action.

Another win for the oppressed man.

  • Qman

    He forgot his belt. I love these kinds of videos.

  • CPT. Spalding


  • knockerrocker76

    OObviously that little Shit's dad beats his ass with a belt. Glad the window washer guy beat him down. If he tried that in Detroit, he'd be getting that mop handle surgically removed from his ass

  • Aaron C

    I'll be honest: My generation sucks ass. Little shits like this deserve more than what he got.

  • Jim

    Fucking little puss… Running like a bitch.

  • NorthKYGuy

    Remember back in the day when our folks used to beat the shit out of us for something like that? Even the mere threat of a beating scared the hell out of us!

    Can't do that to the kids now… stupid ass (not saying kids, because they look older) punk teenagers…

    Score 1 for the honest, hard-working man!!! That cold little turd just got OWNED! EPIC FAILURE for the turd… He even ran like a little bitch!!!

  • testing

    devil's advocate, but I think the guy is a total pussy for resorting to clocking the kid with his dustpan. I mean really, he could have just shoved him or something

  • Rick

    though just like every single time that we come across these macho a-holes, we end up having to sink to their level to finally teach them the lesson that needs a-learnin' … but god, it feels sooooo good when we do.

  • George

    Probably the kid of some banker. How do you
    expect to behave when the ordinary working man is bailing out his classes incompetence and greed. Shame on his family and their breed.

  • calm2chaos

    Why no candy come out of his head…?

  • Zoey

    I'm guessing he didn't get any lunch money from the wimps at school the next day…

  • Mustafa

    Im turkish and that garbage man did the best thing ever the guy was saying go and the kıd said what will you do thats when the belt comes out etc

  • Cody Fisher


  • emre

    after this "lan oglum git" translated "son go away" became a motto:)

  • Euroranger

    5 stars. I lol'd. Would lol again.

    Oh, a translation would be nice.

  • mikerbob

    Having stuttered as a kid, a brother who stutters, and having had sons who struggled with stuttering too when they were young I know the cruelty that can be dealt by others who have no understanding of the affliction. Glad to see that this guy has learned to fight back. Fuck Bullies! (Especially those who bully stutterers)

  • funny kid videos

    Nice video…. They Brother are great..

  • Christina Bagnaschi

    Sadly in America this doesn't happen enough, instead this kids parents would sue the public works department and the guy and coddle their child. I would have thanked him.

  • domdom

    I will crush his skull this mother fucking moron !
    I will torture this fucking moron using SAW's movies as exemple !

  • Marlon

    That little pussy screaming made my day (:

  • J Bone

    5 years from now, he's the little asshole who's gonna be wearing the deep v bedazzled affliction tshirts. yes….be offended if you are reading this and are also wearing an affliction tshirt.

  • DrKhanDo

    Runs away like a little bitch

  • Tim

    I couldnt understand what they were saying.

    • Mkara

      kid : come on hit me, hit me
      cleaner man :go away
      kid: whats happened? you dont trust yourself?
      kid: i will hit your back
      cleaner : go away
      kid: what are you gonna do?
      cleaner: go away, go away
      cleaner: i will beat you if you dont go
      kid : what are you gonna do

  • jah

    Hey Chive, can you get his address? I want to send that guy a few bucks for making my day.

  • Exman2099

    HAHAHA…..smack my bitch up…..

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