Big shot kid with a belt learns not to mess with the humble street-cleaner (Video)

Sorry for the picture quality…

This video was shot by the bully’s older brother in Turkey. The story is that the street-cleaner man is a stutterer named Selçuk. The boy with the belt and his friends decided to make fun of the man and even began to physically threaten him. Selçuk eventually fought back and gave the bully boy 20 stitches on the head. The boy’s family initially went to the police to press charges, but just after the video got published on the web and attracted public attention, the family withdrew from pursuing legal action.

Another win for the oppressed man.

  • svp


  • Joe

    Glad for the guy! I've had a stutter all my life and it's ignorant when people make comments

  • Matty2b

    Like everyone has said I glad to see him get it, if he did that to an adult can you imagine what he'd be like with kids his own age, especially if there were small or had a disability say at school assuming he's not taking the 12 year plan to finish grade 3.

    Karma's a bitch but shit was it funny …for the record, and what made it even more funny to me – I'm pretty sure it was the broom handle (not a shovel) that he hit him with …. "hey dude what happened to you?" "Umm I got beat with a broom and by beat I mean hit once" lol

    Lastly what ended up as a really long post, I'm glad the parents had the sense to drop any charges once seeing the video (since this asshole would undoubtedly claim to have been "minding my own business when that crazy guy who talks to himself started to beat me".

  • Wes

    That made me laugh cause this world is full of ass holes like him I wish the guy got him and punched his lights out

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  • Tim Cragg

    I would drive by the little shits house every so often with the shovel hanging out my door!

  • Rawr

    Hahahahahah! Little punk ass bitch wish he would had brain damage so people could make fun of him

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