Chivettes stuck in the middle of nowhere (12 Photos)

Over the weekend, cousins Alissa and Noelle went hiking in Santa Barbara. Alissa is a USAF airplane mechanic and Noelle (tattoos) is a biology major at UCSB. The two just wanted to watch the sun set from the top of a mountain….

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  • Hellequin_Bull

    #7, They're both incredibly good looking!

  • tim

    Those coordinates are in the middle of the burbs, unless they got trapped in a big back yard it smells like bullshit

  • Kelly James

    might as well be a Suicide Girl.

  • Sad Man

    a shame.. such a beautiful girl.. with a gorgeous body.. only to trash it with that ink !?? WTF ???
    give it a few years.. and you will get sick of the wrinkled skin with faded ink under it.. so SAD

  • Taylor

    go pack some you little chucker… Its a privately owned site…as such they can filter anything they want

  • James

    I managed to cvcnione my sister and father to come along to this, and my sister brought a friend. And it was so worth it, We all had enough fun for ten people! Maybe it was just new york, or maybe it was the strange event happening that day, but everyone was really nice. One stylish couple lent us a kite to fly around for 15 minutes, and we had a very nice conversation with them. The lady selling ice cream gave one to a friend for free, just because we made her day. However, their were two major highlights of my day I would like to note-We started a chorus group somewhere in the center water, with about twenty people singing hits together like Hey jude and family guy songs. Can’t touch this got a few minutes, as did can’t stop believing and some I didn’t recognize. Around 5:30, the group of well dressed people in my area started a game of red rover. Instant win. I was unaware it was such a violent game though, we had people who could of been james bond crashing through two ladies holding hands. It was very comical.SHOUT-OUT TO TEAM #1 WE’RE BETTER THEN YOU, TEAM TWO!

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