Get low, get dirty and have yourself a good time (36 Photos)

  • MgoBlue

    Dear Mayer Jacoby –

    You're a huge douche. Find something productive to do with your time. I'm a girl… and I am not offended. It's because I have a sense of humor. Get a grip.


    Every – fucking one.

  • Applefish


    Hellooo weird thumb!!

  • Jason E

    #9,#19,#25 Get me some MOAR!!!!

  • TimCat

    Need MOAR of #19

  • Stick

    The best part of this is that its packaging says they're for 'beaver hunts'.


    #7 I see what you did there. #19 MOAR


    #22 Someone shoot her!!

  • guy

    Go home bitch

  • Bzz

    Absolutely incredible 19 amazing tush and great back dimples
    25 I would do unholy things to eat that ass

  • guy

    You are going to work very hard and accomplish nothing. This is freedom at it's finest. This is what THECHIVE's fan base wants to see. Why change it up in any way just because some fanatic can't handle some good old humor and beautiful women. Oh and what makes you think that talking about racism is any way to stop it. It sounds to me like you're racist cause you wanna see less white people.

  • Blaine17

    #31 caught me off guard.

  • Erin Alexis Kane Dockstader

    #34 the lady on the right is from Utah. I went to elementary with her grandson and used to run into her from time to time grocery shopping. Imagine those things picking shit up off the shelves. Disturbing.

  • tommytwotime

    #19 I say goddamn!!!

  • Gifted

    #25 moar please

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  • troy

    #22 what the hell!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhuT

    #22 WTF is That!!!

  • Zach

    #26 WTF is up with the guy's thumb??

    • ChristophersonofGray

      No kidding!

  • http://kalla himanshu


  • drei311

    bitch please!!!!!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    #25 Take off that silly-ass hipster hat, please.

    #7 the women are scantily clad, why are you wearing a sweater, meat?

  • deadindenver05

    #7 Who is the girl in the middle?

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